" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 19, 2016

Rise of the New Noösphere? Just Breathe.

Great new blog-post by Jack Heart over at the Tek-Gnostics blog Titled -
Welcome to Conspiracy Culture International
I really liked this part of the post, but click on the link above and read the whole lot for yourself - 
"Our theory of the new, noösphere incorporates the creation and proliferation of the World Wide Web, with all its associated technologies, as part of the third strata of planetary development. 
We have previously described this communication network as the “infosphere.” 
The accelerating partnership of man and machine (ie: humans and the internet) as a mechanism of the new, noösphere has ominously been labeled: Technological Singularity (but this is another thread of the tale, best told another time)
Suffice it to say that humanity and our technological tools are inseparable as the sphere of human thought.
The new, noösphere is inclusive enough to incorporate 

Gaia Hypothesis within the processes of all three strata. 
This inclusion would imply a planetary sentience. 
This places humanity as part of the process, not the ultimate center of it. 
Again, this quickening of evolution is evidenced by the current increase in geologic activity, the acceleration of climate change and the planetary mammalian rise in consciousness. 
Each is an example of a hastening of the three developmental spheres of the planet.
We would argue that this is an interrelated unfolding of the three spheres, in tandem, as an expression of the system as a whole. 
The accompanying rise of Conspiracy Culture International represents a fundamental shift in the workings of information flow, worldwide. 
The demonization of the press is a symptom of this shift, as is the rise in importance of a certain somebody’s infamous twitter feed. 
These are symptoms of the immediacy of information exchange."
OMG! The Latest iPhone...and it's full of stars;-)


Jack Heart said...

Thanks for reposting the "Conspiracy Culture International" piece... The sync-o-sphere has been on fire as of late. I tried to cover a lot of ground with few words on that one!


- JH

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I only re-posted some of the "Conspiracy Culture International" piece, so that people who were interested would click on the link and read the rest over at your blog and check your blog out.
I try to point out bloggers, pod-casters and artists that I find interesting to readers of my blog in an effort to get those bloggers, pod-casters and artists more potential followers.
I kind of feel like a "switchboard operator" blogger sometimes, connecting my readers to other bloggers, pod-casters and artists.
Cheers Jack and I hope this post sends a few more eyes your way.