" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 5, 2016


I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post recently about Michael Keaton's new movie 'Founder' where I portrayed him in a 'Birdman 2' movie as the KFC founder.
Birdman 2: The Founder?
I grabbed a beer to drink today, not an aloe vera drink like I did last time I sat by this lake
Today I decided to go to one of my favorite local cinemas and see it, but I went and grabbed a burger first (not McDonalds) and sat down by my magical lake, that I wrote about in this recent post, hoping for a Crow visit  -
Things Aren't Always What They Seem
But while some crows did fly overhead I was visited by another member of the corvid family who was being harassed by a 
willy wagtail .
I had never noticed willy wagtails around the restaurant area before, but the weird thing for me was they would keep swooping the magpies and make this clicking sound, a bit like a kid firing an empty plastic cap gun.
Are these guys magpies, or chickens?-)
I thought this was amusing, because on my last road trip in the town of Goondiwindi -
The Finishing Post: Goondiwindi Grey?
I had a pleasant encounter with a willy wagtail, but today you would think that I was a magpie too by the way they reacted to me.
This little guy pictured above ran along the rail from the guy who turns out to be an Aldi store manager on the phone...couldn't help overhearing him...which is rather synchy, as my youngest son is an Aldi store manager in Canberra at the moment....and stops right in front of me and gives me a good blast, as if I'm as bad as the magpie.
Which is probably fair, as I really like magpies.
Then it ran off along the rail after giving me a good blasting and continued to harass the magpies.
I moved from one side of the table to the other, so I could watch the birds and my magpie friend decided to sit diagonally opposite me, but the willy wagtail kept harassing my mate and flew off to a safer area.
So I moved back to where I was sitting so I could see what was happening between the two birds without kinking my neck.
Next minute the willy wagtail flies to the wire above my head and looks like it is threatening to drop a bomb on my head, or my burger. 
While my magpie friend takes cover under a near by table.
Then a pee-wee lands on the rail in front of me and looks at me, as if to say "what's going on here then?".
I finish my meal and walk off to catch my movie thanking my magpie friend for the entertainment while half blaming Birdman for this performance. 
And I have to say that after watching the movie that what Ray Kroc did to the McDonald brothers left a bad taste in my mouth.
I'll be sticking to Grill'd for my burgers from now on, not that I ever bought much from McDonald's in the past anyway.
Now I'll have to work out if there is a shamanic type bird message in this little show that the birds put on for me this afternoon, or if it was nothing but a Kroc;-)
Willy Wagtail
"This black and white bird is well-known and loved for his cheeky, bold nature. 
They are unafraid of people; if one approaches too close to a nest, this bird will guide you away, flying and darting just out of reach. 
They will also vigorously defend their nests, their small size belying a courageous nature against opponents many times larger.
Willy Wagtail is often seen perched on the backs of feeding cattle, waiting to swoop down and catch any insects that are disturbed. 
These birds also gather loose hair for lining their nests; opportunists indeed! 
They can also be seen sitting on Crocodile’s head, darting in his mouth to catch insects, eliciting no sign of retribution from the beast. 
An example of this bird’s courage or sense of trust? 
Would you be game enough to dart in between the teeth of a smiling crocodile?"
A Kroc?-)
"Another belief is if this little character makes a clicking sound, you will know there is important news coming your way; and in some tribes it was believed this bird was a direct messenger for the Great Spirit."
Which is kind of weird, because the movie 'Founder' rolls the credits to the song 'Spirit in the Sky'.
"Norman Greenbaum has been a long-time resident of Santa Rosa, California.
He was critically injured when the car in which he was a passenger made a left turn in the path of a motorcycle on Occidental Road on March 28, 2015, killing the motorcyclist and also injuring the motorcycle passenger."
"Willie wagtail is a guide that teaches us that curiosity is a positive and wonderful trait to possess. 
It is through curiosity that we find out about the greater world around us, and as a trait, it can help us to locate more nourishing sources of energy, particularly those that make us feel good. 
It is curiosity about a stranger that can lead us to making a new friend. 
Curiosity about places can help us to find new sites to visit and new ways to create positive memories for ourselves.
There is an energy of friendliness around you at this time
(even if you are feeling quite irritable)
It may be that willie wagtail will be bringing more friends into your life, or that your friendships will become more enriching. 
At the same time, a general attitude of friendliness will be particularly nourishing at this time."

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