" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 5, 2017

A Dark Synchromystic Rabbit (W)Hole?

I recently read a post at The Secret Sun blog titled -
Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas (UPDATED)
Which to be honest made me cringe when Chris started going down the crisis actor/fake machine gun fire route.
I could buy a "mind controlled" asset story maybe, but not the crisis actor/fake machine gun fire story Chris seemed to be contemplating.
Great way to lose readers fast I thought.
But Chris did point out in that post a post written by Goro Adachi, which was more in line with my thinking on current events,
"SYNC LOG UPDATE: Absolute must-read by Goro Adachi.
The first single off Heaven Upside Down is "Kill for Me" and includes these lyrics in this order:

This is a sacrifice
Your hotel hall won’t be so vacant 

And I can tell that you ain’t faking

The incident at Hammerstein Ballroom occurred during "Sweet Dreams," which we discussed in connection to Elizabeth Fraser and the Scottish MKULTRA programs.

We'll be touching on that topic again soon. Bonus sync: Annie Lennox wrote that song and Lennox Hill Hospital was one of the MKUTRA test locations.
Goro also points to the Monarch Airlines bankruptcy, which leads me back to the Siren: one of the songs on Tiny Dynamine-Echoes in a Shallow Bay is called "Plain Tiger," a kind of Monarch butterfly.
Paddock also lived in Mesquite, TX.

Mesquite is next to Garland, TX, home of the Draw Muhammad shootout that inspired the controversial X-Files' episode "Babylon."
And per usual- Garlands is the

very witchy first Cocteau Twins album and Jeff Buckley died on Garlands Day.
A paddock is where horses are kept and the Kelpie- the water witch immortalized by twin statues in Elizabeth Fraser's birthplace- also took the form of a horse
(hence the statues).
Wise words from Goro: 

"Let’s not oversimplify.
Reality is exceedingly more complex than most conspiracy theorists would like to assume.
Once you realize synchronicity is real, the collective unconscious is real, psi is real, retrocausality is real, the Matrix is real… you realize it’s foolish to just go with the easy and lazy explanation of “it’s a big Illuminati conspiracy!”.
Yes conspiracies are everywhere, it’s human nature.
But there are things so much bigger that surround our reality."
Indeed there are.

No one was feeding some weird indie band clues about what was going to happen in three decades time. No one human, at least."
I agree with Goro's wise words quoted by Chirs above and I agree that Goro's post is really a great WTF(?) read -
Sleeper in Vegas
Written by Goro, October 3, 2017

And I would also recommend reading
the "about" page at Goro's blog, as that's probably better reading than the blog post Chris recommended of Goro's in his current blog post about the Vegas shooting. 
 I'll probably have another post coming up soon to supplement Goro's words with some current synchronicities I've noticed from this side of the planet.
But I'm about 50 or more posts that I want to write behind at the moment, so we'll see if I get it written, or not by the way synch events are currently flying around me lately.
It's all getting a bit overwhelming to keep up at the moment and try to live a life as well as blog in this mad world I live in.
Dark Side of the Sucker Punch: Part 2?


Photos said...

I don't think Chris is saying that the Las Vegas shooting didn't really happen. At least, I hope he isn't seriously trying to say that. No way the country community, that is fairly small, would fail to notice that it was all staged. Not to mention the medical personnel in Las Vegas.

What I think he's suggesting is that maybe it didn't happen quite the way it's been officially reported. Different weapons, possibly more than one shooter, etc. That's well within the bounds of plausible.

What bugs me most is that, at this late stage, there is no hint in the media of motivation. Of something that was clearly well pre-planned, not just a drunk guy with guns that suddenly snapped. By now, the FBI surely have enough information to figure out why he did it. And they're not sharing, even in the most general terms. Why?

Also, nobody is doing any syncs with the country music actually heard at the concert. Why not? Are people just being lazy and only doing syncs with the stuff they're already familiar with?

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Blogging takes up a lot of my time and is nothing but a non-paying hobby that probably gets me nowhere but on to a "no fly" list and an audience of only NSA employees reading my blog.
I wonder why I bother with this blog sometimes, but I guess it will come in handy if I come down with Alzheimer's like my father had and wondered just what it was I had done with my life before I couldn't remember what I did the day before.
I guess it's cheaper than tattooing my body like the guy in the 'Memento' movie;-)

And maybe Country music wasn't Paddock's first choice Photos?

"Las Vegas killer’s original target was show with Lorde, Muse, Blink 182"

"An outdoor concert in Las Vegas attended by 150,000 fans and headlined by New Zealand singer Lorde a week before the Las Vegas shooting was the gunman’s original target, according to a report.
Stephen Paddock rented several apartments overlooking the annual Life is Beautiful Festival, a source with inside knowledge about the investigation told the Daily Beast.
A 21-storey luxury apartment block called Ogden overlooks the concert ground where the Life is Beautiful event was held from September 22-24, but staff could not say whether Paddock stayed there.
The festival spanned 18 city blocks in downtown Las Vegas and was attended by 150,000 concertgoers, far more than the crowd of 22,000-23,000 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival where Paddock unleashed a hail of bullets on Sunday night, killing at least 59 people and injuring hundreds more.
Other acts that performed at the Life is Beautiful Festival included Muse, Blink 182, Wiz Kha­lifa, Gorillaz, The xx, MGMT, Haim and Australian indie-rock trio Middle Kids.
Paddock “rented multiple condos” overlooking the annual festival. It was possible he had “lost his nerve”, reported the Daily Beast, a US news and opinion website focusing on politics and pop culture.
Las Vegas sheriff Joe Lombardo said it was not yet known whether Paddock had been scoping out other locations, but police were seriously looking into “what’s possibly been presented with Life is Beautiful”."

And being an Australian who is not really into American country music, I've never heard of those singers at the festival, so it would be a lot of researching that I don't feel compelled to write about.
Plus I'm way behind in my posts that I do want to write about, so I'll let some other sync blogger delve into any synchs about the music that was played that night.