" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 14, 2017

Chelsea Wolfe: Funeral in Vegas?!

"Digging beneath the mess of the world to find the beauty underneath is perhaps the most consistent theme in Chelsea Wolfe’s expansive discography—a theme that ties together her ceaseless explorations in unorthodox textures, haunting melodies, and mining the grandeur embedded within ugliness and pain.
With her sixth official album Hiss Spun, Wolfe adopts Miller’s quest to become empowered by embracing the mess of the self, to control the tumult of the soul in hopes of reigning in the chaos of the world around us.
“I wanted to write some sort of escapist music; songs that were just about being in your body, and getting free,” Wolfe says of the album before extrapolating on the broader scope of her new collection of songs.
“You’re just bombarded with constant bad news, people getting f#cked over and killed for s#itty reasons or for no reason at all, and it seems like the world has been in tears for months, and then you remember it’s been f#cked for a long time, it’s been f#cked since the beginning.
It’s overwhelming and I have to write about it.”"
I'm a big fan of Chelsea Wolfe, so much so that I went on one of the longest drives of my life through four Australian states and a trip across the ocean and back to see her play in Hobart's 
'Dark Mofo' festival in 2016, and it nearly literally killed me a few times -
'I Sat by the Ocean' randomly comes on
 first time today as I drive on-board
I Sat by the Ocean?-)
Chelsea Wolfe on stage at Hobart's Odeon Theatre, 2016
My Pick of Dark Mofo Would Have to be Chelsea Wolfe
I just listened to Chelsea on a podcast at the
ARTIST DECODED pod-cast site last night not realizing that
Chelsea had a new album out ... which was released the same day as 'The Killers' new album, which I wrote about in this recent post -
Las Vegas Band 'The Killers' - Run For Cover? WTF?
Watch Myrkur and Chelsea Wolfe play Funeral in Vegas hotel room
Then as I was looking up on the net to see what Chelsea was up to now and I came across a link to Chelsea and Myrkur playing a song called 'Funeral' with the Las Vegas night lights as a backdrop seen through the motel window.
Apart from the WTF(?) in hindsight of the Vegas shootings, it was posted on the first anniversary of my father's death, September 13th, 2017.
And I noticed that there was 237 shares of her song from this site and as I'm writing this post up I was checking my stats and saw that there was 237 hits from the USA and 93% from Firefox users.
Interesting I think ... and a bit spooky, too.
At around the 13th minute mark of the pod-cast Chelsea tells how father was in a country band and a few few minutes back told of recently moving back to northern California.
At the 16th minute mark Chelsea mentions how in school she was super observant and couldn't help noticing certain sounds,
"like a siren outside, or something".
I couldn't help think of other sirens I've been writing about in connection wit Chris Knowles'work over at 'The Secret Sun' blog -
 Coffee and the Siren's Song
Come to think of it, I did drive across the sea to see Chelsea play in Tasmania;-)
At around the 24th minute mark of the pod-cast Chelsea says her songs are about survival, saying that it's reflected in humanity and nature, like the concept of forest fires.
"The forest can't grow and keep producing new trees unless the fire creates ash so certain seeds can grow ... so I try to think about that and humanity, as well ..."
Hearing the rest of that sentence of Chelsea's above in the pod-cast turned out to be rather prophetic words when I read the terrible news coming from northern California today, considering Chelsea grew up in Sacramento.
Finnair's Flight 666 arrives in HEL for the last time on Friday the 13th
"Helsinki airport says Flight 666 has arrived safely in HEL, the airport code for the Finnish capital, for the last time.
The Finnair flight took off from
Copenhagen, Denmark, in the 13th hour of Friday the 13th, headed for Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.
Finavia, which operates Finland's 21 airports, said the flight landed eight minutes ahead of schedule at 3:47pm local time.
The flight started 11 years ago and has fallen on
Friday the 13th 21 times with no reported ill effects.
Still, Finnair has decided to retire the flight number, but said it was not because of the superstition associating
666 with the devil.
The carrier is switching around some flight numbers later this month and Flight AY666 will become AY954.
"We're growing, so we need more flight numbers.
This is why we've done the re-numbering," the airline said on Twitter.
However, the airline will still have the eerily-named flight from
SIN (Singapore's Changi Airport) to HEL."

I just saw this news story above that just came in ... pardon the pun ... as I was reading about the forest fires in California on the same news site.
Copenhagen, Denmark?!
And just in case you are wondering, I don't believe in or worship entities like Satan or Lucifer.
I'm not saying that there aren't some dark entities out there and wacko nut-jobs who do believe in and worship such entities, but I'm not one of them.
But as far as Jung's theory of the "Collective Unconscious" goes then these beliefs will show up in "random" events I believe.
And while I'm sure there are hellish realms of consciousness, don't believe in a Biblical place like Hell where you burn for ever and ever ... amen.
I do believe in karma though, so you do reap what you sow in my book.
Still, the signs I'm seeing all around me at the moment don't look good and while that news story about the 666 plane seems amusing on the surface I tend to fear its punchline to be honest.
As Gordon White points out over at the 'Rune Soup' blog, it's the 100th anniversary of the Fatima event and it's landed on
Friday the 13th eerily enough, too.
Yeah, 2017 has been a rather dark year and we're not out of the tunnel yet.
But keep writing those songs Chelsea and don't be frightened to look into the darkness, as that's where the light shines the best.
And I can honestly say that Chelsea's shows are worth crossing the ocean for.
Check her music out for yourself ... and the podcast.
She's a true artist.


  1. I love her music. Ive seen her live as well, so I can testify to her brilliance. Bravo.

    RM Isaiah

  2. The last couple of post made me think of Harvey Keitel. HE Plays The Wolf in Pulp Fiction. I always liked the coffee scene. And for a Dutchman the Amsterdam scene is also fun.

    He also played in Saturn 3 with Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett

    " Two lovers stationed at a remote base in the asteroid fields of Saturn are intruded upon by a retentive technocrat from Earth and his charge: a malevolent 8-ft robot. Remember, in space no one can hear you scream."

    In 2009 he appeared at the Coney island mermaids Parade.

    The 2017 parade was on June you guessed it 17

    The parade of June 22, 2013 was almost canceled due to resources being consumed by the recovery from Hurricane Sandy;

  3. Harvey is a good actor, no doubt, but in my mind I have always seen him as a sleazy Harvey Weinstein type, mainly because of all the rumors flying around in the (fake?) news media about Kubrick firing him from 'Eyes Wide Shut'.
    The story going around at the time was Harvey Keitel was booted from the film Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick for ejaculating in Nicole Kidman's hair.
    How true that was I don't know, but it always stuck in my mind whenever I would hear his name mentioned...pardon the pun.
    Kubrick did sack him from the film, but nothing official only rumours from so-called insiders like this one -
    Unfortunately, some things don't wash from my memory and that is one of them, hence whether it's true or not, I've always seen Keitel as a bit of a scumbag in my mind and maybe those tough gangster types he plays in his movies don't help me like him any better.
    I must say that I'm surprised to see that he is now 78 years old, too.
    Same with Quentin the only movie of his I really like is 'Jackie Brown' (although the 'Kill Bill' films aren't bad) because I find a lot of his stuff truly disturbing.
    Films like 'Dusk till Dawn' where he plays a bank robber and kidnaps a female bank teller to rape and keep as a plaything kind of sums up Quentin's mind set for most of his films.
    And scenes like the 'Reservoir Dogs' scene where the cop gets his ear sliced off to one of my favourite songs just pisses me off.
    Probably why I never got into 'Pulp Ficton', because my ears were still ringing from his last (in my book) shit movie.
    And to top it all off he wants to finish his film career by making a film about a real life scumbag, but the only clue we are given on his IMDB page is 'Untitled Manson Family Project'.
    I won't be seeing it.