" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 5, 2017

Signs of the Times?

When I was down at the Byron Writer's Festival in August I noticed a sculpture by Daniel Clemmett titled
'Keeping Up with the Kalashnikovs', which was a giant gun made out of car bonnets and steel.
Which was ironic considering I was stuck in traffic for two and a half hours five minutes from my home because of a road accident which closed the freeway and cost me half a day of the Friday of the Byron Writer's Festival -
Apart from the Acid on the Road I Had a Good Trip
I actually bought the office chair I'm sitting on now from that 'Officeworks' store behind the burning truck a few days back.
Daniel had a number of his sculptures around the festival grounds like the skull pictured below.

And as synchronicity in hindsight I also bought a book titled
'Las Vegas for Vegans' and heard a talk that day from the author -
Balloons and the Big Sick
A.S. Patric, Michael Sala, Kayla Rae Whitaker and Sophie Hamley, the Friday of the BBWF
The Other-side of Stand Up Comedy?
A sign above a bar in Las Vegas written about in 'Las Vegas for Vegans'

Of course, this was well before the incident that took place in Las Vegas last weekend.
Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock 'disturbed and dangerous', spent decades acquiring weapons: police
Haystacks among the art at the Byron Writer's Festival 2017

But as Goro Adachi writes on his "about" page at his blog under the subheading -
Needle in a Haystack
"It’s overwhelming, the sheer number of possibilities, it’s truly cosmic, simply unfathomable by the localized human mind.
Our brain is quite simply not equipped to handle “the future” beyond the level we already do which can fluctuate a bit but within a fairly small range.
The official approach to expanding human knowledge is “science”.
It’s empirical through and through.
It’s past-driven, like driving a car using only the rear-view mirror.
Science as it exists now focuses on analyzing experiences i.e. the past.
It’s like digging deep into the earth to find treasure, ignoring the stars above shining away in silence.
Hindsight-driven science fails to excel at figuring out where to look for treasure away from the linearly accumulating pile of empirical knowledge.
Limit your field of vision and you end up focusing on things you can already see, and you just end up going there.
Unnaturally linear like an incestuous family tree.
The road to a breakthrough discovery does not have one entry path, it has many.
There are long ones, twisted ones, dead-end ones, and then there are the shortcuts which can greatly reduce the amount of time required to get there.
We are in a race against time.
We simply cannot afford to take a detour.
If there are shortcuts, we take them.
Keep relying on hindsight, the empirical approach, and we are in for a long, frustrating ride like a cab stuck in Manhattan traffic.
Sure, the driver can take you anywhere, but he can’t do anything about the traffic.
Empirical science knows what it’s doing, but it is hardly an efficient approach as far as making groundbreaking discoveries.
All the countless details in all the countless scientific data have bogged down the process and rendered it nearly dysfunctional just as a government too big cannot keep functioning properly. Focus and vision get lost.
What we need, I would argue, is a whole new approach to sifting through the sea of unrealized possibilities, the heavens full of stars, that is efficient.
We must have it ASAP, otherwise we keep drifting through time blindfolded.
We are wasting time and wasting our lives away.
What we need is a special “radar” to scan the time horizon ahead so that we can steer our ship directly toward discoveries or avoid wandering into dangerous storms.
We need to be able to find shortcuts or the shortest paths to hidden knowledge, new discoveries, and world-changing revelations.
The key is figuring out how to “time travel”, so to speak.
Easier said than done, obviously.
Such a monumental task.
Needle in a haystack?
If it were that easy.
The simple fact is, it’s impossible
 It cannot be done.
That is, without some “divine intervention”.
Turns out, we are not completely abandoned on this planet.
Turns out there is a system of “divine intervention” in place ready to assist us through this difficult transition phase going from a temporal being to an inter-temporal being.
We call it “coincidences” or “synchronicity”.
Whatever the source behind it, most people would agree the mysterious phenomenon exists.
They just don’t know what to do with it or what it’s for.
Give a notebook computer to a dog and it will look at you funny and asks for something it can eat."
"Most of us have that radar within us. Poetry or any form of art, which uses a lot of metaphors and symbolism, is generally from that creative part of our mind.
Except “art” stops short of actively seeking hidden “future” knowledge/possibilities.
Creativity implies uniqueness.
To be unique is to not rely on what came before.
So it may be said that to be creative is to access the future.
After all, in the river of time there is only the past and the future and we are the interface.
The more we interact with the future, the more in sync we become with the future.
More creativity, more future resonance.
Now we are touching on something that contributes to the phenomenon of synchronicity.
It’s no “coincidence” that it is often through works of art – including TV shows and movies – that particularly pronounced synchronicities take place, because of the amount of creativity that went into these things.
Quite literally, great (unique) artists get many of their ideas from the future.
But it doesn’t mean they know what they are doing (in most cases, they don’t).
Creativity, like truth, is an ethereal idea that we only casually think about, not realizing how superficial our understanding of it is.
Creativity is that which enables us to perceive a wider range of possibilities – i.e. a clearer view of the “future”.

I think Goro may have a point...or two there;-)
Then on the 20th of September, 2017, I see the above news story on the ABC news site -
Russia unveils monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of iconic AK-47 rifle
And we all know what happened last weekend in Las Vegas, don't we?
But like Goro Adachi also writes in his 'Sleeper in Vegas' post -
"Let’s not oversimplify.
Reality is exceedingly more complex than most conspiracy theorists would like to assume.
Once you realize synchronicity is real, the collective unconscious is real, psi is real, retrocausality is real, the Matrix is real… you realize it’s foolish to just go with the easy and lazy explanation of “it’s a big Illuminati conspiracy!”.
Yes conspiracies are everywhere, it’s human nature.
But there are things so much bigger that surround our reality.
It’s a good practice to always remind ourselves we are but a frog in a well that cannot fathom the great ocean.
All the frog can do is try to find clues and at least try to imagine the ocean."

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