" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 7, 2017

Las Vegas Band 'The Killers' - Run For Cover? WTF?

Prophetic, or what?
The Las Vegas band 'The Killers' played a song from their
new album on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' earlier this year called
'Run for Cover'.
And they sung it live from an open air Las Vegas concert venue.
It even has the words "fake news" as part of the lyrics, which will really get the conspiracy crowd going, I'll bet.
The first single from the album was 'The Man', which might be worth a watch in hindsight of recent events, too.
The band only came to my attention as I was watching the
AFL Grand Final that they sung before on September 30th, 2017.
AFL Grand Final 2017: The Killers rock the MCG
Probably the last bit of cheering that Crow's supporter wearing the NASA jacket pictured above did, as the Tigers ran out winners by 48 points.
And isn't the conch shell symbolic of the Siren's Song?
Coffee and the Siren's Song
The Little Mermaid/Siren Meme?

The Dark Tower?
The Killers perform special 10-song set in Las Vegas for broadcast on Kimmel


... said...

Great find! I use to love The Killers, some good songs!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Yeah, they're a good band and while I have heard some of their songs on the airwaves I never knew much about them until I sat down to watch the AFL Grand Final where they did the set in the You Tube above telling the crowd that they were from Las Vegas.
I was originally going to head down to the final and watch it from the stands once the Sharks were no longer in the NRL finals, but it was too hard to get tickets and with the stress of just having moved house I decided to just stay home and watch it on my tiny TV with a few Coopers stouts (a beer brewed in Adelaide with the colours of Richmond on the label, since I was trying to be neutral in my support).
It was a surreal experience watching that game as I was at the grounds last year when my team (Brisbane Lions) were playing Richmond and I was talking to some Richmond supporters and telling them that it was about time Richmond won the Grand Final and I wished them luck for 2017.
They finished first (well technically 3rd, but winning the game that counts) in 2017 and the Lions finished dead last.
Dami Im, who sung the national anthem lives basically across the road from me and I saw her sing the anthem when I was down at the NRL Grand Final last year to see my team win their first ever final trophy.
It's a small...and crazy world it seems.

Ingmar said...

Brandon Flowers from The killers also did a solo song Crossfire.
He also wrote a song with Robbie Williams called Mixed signals.
Robbie Williams in turn did a song called The Road to Mandalay.
First time posting here. Greetings from Holland and keep up the good work.

Road to Mandalay
Robbie Williams
Save me from drowning in the sea
Beat me up on the beach
What a lovely holiday
There's nothing funny left to say
This somber song would drain the sun
But it won't shine until it's sung
No water running in the stream
The saddest place we've ever been
Everything I touched was golden
Everything I loved got broken
On the road to Mandalay
Every mistake I've ever made
Has been rehashed and then replayed
As I got lost along the way
There's nothing left for you to give
The truth is all that you're left with
Twenty paces then at dawn
We will die and be reborn
I like to sleep beneath the trees
Have the universe at one with me
Look down the barrel of a gun
And feel

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I grew up with Dutch neighbours, so I have a soft spot for the Dutch culture, not that I have ever been to Holland (or anywhere outside Australia, except New Zealand for that matter) or speak conversational Dutch, but you may notice a few quotes from Dutch heroes of mine on the sidebar (Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cox), which ironically has one of them pictured in a field of "flowers".
Paul actually made a film in 1987 about Vincent van Gogh titled 'Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincent van Gogh', which was narrated by John Hurt, and is a film I own on DVD.
I'll have to do a post on the film at some point this year as 2017 marks the film's 30th anniversary.
Good to see that someone else is enjoying my blog Ingmar.