" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 12, 2017

Cooper's: Living in a 'Twin Peaks' Universe?

I wrote a recent post about watching 'The Killers' sing at the Australian Rules Grand Final while I was drinking Cooper's Stout and watching it live on TV from my home just outside of Brisbane...or BrizVegas as it's also known -
At the Crossroads of Tigerland?
I also wrote a post about 'The Killers' WTF(?) song 'Run for Cover' they sung in an open air venue in Las Vegas earlier this year on the Jimmy Kimmel TV show -
Las Vegas Band 'The Killers' - Run For Cover? WTF?
A SECOND Brisbane woman has told of her “worst nightmare”
But when I was reading about a Brisbane woman who survived the Las Vegas shooting was named Courtney Cooper, as in Cooper's Stout and Agent Cooper from the TV series 
'Twin Peaks: The Return' I started to think it was all starting to sound like a 'Twin Peaks' script playing out for real.
The gunman's girlfriend who was originally from the Gold Coast in Queensland was also pictured in the newspaper wearing the Richmond Tiger's colours of yellow and black.
Agent Cooper/Dougie in Las Vegas
Then in the same October 4th newspaper is a picture of
Chris Hemsworth talking about risk when I just listened to Dougie from the latest '42 Minutes' podcast talking about a 'Lost' episode where the two characters are playing the game 'Risk' and saying that Australia is the key to the game.
Hemsworth starred in the J.J Abrams reboot of 'Star Trek' as Captain Kirk's father.
Dougie, Dougie, Dougie...4,8,15,16,23...42 Minutes?

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