" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 4, 2017

2017 and the "Wild/Wronged Woman" Archetype?

Libby Munro on stage in the play 'Venus in Fur'
A Libby Munro doppelganger?-) 
Uma Thurman playing Venus
Uma Thurman playing Medusa
I was reading one of Chris Knowles's latest posts about
'Beauty and the Beast' and the "Beast of Revelation" -
Beauty and the Beast (of Revelation)
Part 1
And while I can't say I'm a big fan of a lot of the books of the Bible (having once read the whole book from cover to cover) including the 'Book of Revelation', I do admit that I like to explore themes that are embedded in the "collective unconscious" of us humans, such as apocalyptic fantasies and stories of "end times".
What really caught my eye in Chris Knowles's post was the drawing of the "lady" riding the beast and how much she resembled an actress who I have written about on my own blog before,
Libby Munro -
Libby Munro: A Grounded Actress with High Skies Ahead of Her
Eight/Man and His Symbols/Jung/Popular Culture and the Collective Unconscious
Card number 8?
I hadn't really kept tabs on Libby's recent work, but after reading the post at 'The Secret Sun' blog I did a Google search and saw Libby's latest movie is called 'Wild Woman', which is due for a December 25th, 2017 release in the USA.
I notice from the above article that Libby was 35 years old when she acted in that movie (3+5=8).
As "luck" would have it I found the above blog post called
'Beauties and the Bog', which had nothing to do with the actress Libby Munro, but was about two friends named Libby and Lisa conquering Scotlands Munros.
"Between July and September 2017 Lisa and Libby completed a continuous self-propelled round of the Munros (all the mountains over 3,000 feet in Scotland).
Summiting all 282 mountains, cycling between them and with a little kayaking thrown in."
I wonder if Lisa and Libby ran into a giant Jimmy Barnes on their journey in the highlands of Scotland?-)
I Think Jimmy's 'Big Enough' to Take It
I've never seen the play or the movie of 'Venus in Fur', but I do think it is ironic that with all of these wild women coming after the sexual predators in the acting industry that Roman Polanski who is on the run from sexual predator charges in the USA directed the movie version of 'Venus in Fur'.
'Venus in Fur' was Roman Polanski's first non-English-language feature in 51 years.
"In the firsts moments of the movie, Vanda asks Thomas if the play was something connected to 'Lou Reed'.
Actually Lou Reed plays a song called 'Venus in Furs' with his former band 'Velvet Underground' the lyrics brings mention by the same book mentioned on the movie Venus in Fur by
Von Sacher-Masoch."
'The Velvet Underground' song celebrates its 50 year anniversary in 2017, too, oddly enough.
And of course Roman Polanski was the husband of actress
Sharon Tate, who has been in the news media again thanks to the death of one Charles Manson.
Charlie Don't Surf?!
And in that 'Charley Don't Surf' post I wrote about another Queensland actress, Margot Robbie who is going to play Sharon Tate in Tarintino's next film, appearing in a Queensland newspaper as the page 3 girl on the day Manson died.
Libby and her real life beast of a dog
Googling around for pictures of Libby to use in this post I found this picture in the Google images pile of Libby and her dog, which reminded me of another post I recently wrote -
Dogs Seem to be Reining More Than Cats at the Moment ... at Least in the Newspapers
So if you thought 2017 has been wild, I think it's going to be nothing compared to what's coming in the 'Year of the Dog'.
We might be in for a ruff year in 2018:-)
A Life on Track?
What is Shamanism?
It will be an interesting ride in 2018 for sure and I wonder what will be revealed as that year progresses? 
But 2017 has still got a few surprises left for us yet, I'll bet.

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