" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 30, 2017

What Are Companies Like Google Doing with My Information?

I saw this little news piece this morning on a national news website that asks its readers -
Can you guess the top Google searches of 2017?
I got three out of ten right in that quiz, which is apparently 14% above the average, but the search result I was more interested in was the one I just did a search for on BING pictured below.
And I don't trust search engines like BING much better either, to tell the truth.
Does Google Know Too Much About You?
"Google has a lot of handy services, but as the company gains more and more information from its users, those users may raise even more questions about how big Google should be allowed to get, and whether the government needs to step in and strictly regulate how Google's overwhelming amount of information is used."
Of course Google isn't the only tech company you can't trust to do the right thing, either.
I don't trust any of the big tech companies to do the right thing by its "customers".
How The Narrative Of Google And Facebook Comes Undone In 2017
"It’s hard to think of an industry that has collectively squandered its good will faster than those from the Silicon Valley.
It all started innocuously enough with the technology council created by President Trump, with Peter Thiel—cofounder of PayPal—becoming a top adviser who marshaled Tim Cook from Apple, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook, Satya Nadella from Microsoft, Ginni Romety from IBM, Elon Musk from Tesla, Eric Schmidt and Larry Page from Google, and Brian Krzanich from Intel inside Trump Tower for a tech submit last December.
Exactly what was transpiring behind closed doors was unclear, since Steve Bannon, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner were also behind that same closed door.
What’s clear was that Trump thought of Peter Thiel as “a very special guy” and had made his 2014 best-selling book Zero to One a must-read, and it served as “something of a Bible for Trump campaign staffers.
Staffers were told that “competition is for losers.”
“If you want to create and capture lasting value, look to build a monopoly,” advises Thiel.
The Wall Street Journal reprinted the book excerpt; Stanford University invited Thiel to share business tips by teaching a class, CS 183: Startup.
What has roiled Silicon Valley has nothing to do with corporate performance.

In 2017, the Dow set an all-time high 70 times, adding 5,000 points in a calendar year for the first time ever.
Leading the pack as the world’s most valuable companies are Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.
Twenty years ago, the most valuable were Exxon, General Electric, Citibank, and Walmart.
Data is the new oil.
Online footprint trumps offline real estate."
So, what do I think companies like Google are doing with my information?

Building an AI "Collective Consciousness" Unconsciously?

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