" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 4, 2017

Cryptosynchronicity and the Two Sides of the Bitcoin?

I listened to a podcast yesterday about Bitcoin at the 'Synchronicity' podcast site - 
Rationally I thought this sounds like a pretty good investment, but on a gut level I had the feeling that I should stay the hell away (like Warren Buffet recommends doing) from "investing" in this stuff.
After listening to Noah talk about his ideas about investing in Bitcoin I started looking around on the net to learn whether I should trust my gut or not -
Bitcoin: Here's what would happen if the 'bubble' burst (and why it probably won't impact you)
"Bitcoin has crossed over the $US11,000 mark — briefly — as it continues its whirlwind end to the year.
It's more than welcome news to investors, who are embracing the increasing value of the digital currency, but market analysts are a bit more skeptical.

I then saw that there was a film about Bitcoin on Australian Netflix called 'Banking on Bitcoin', so I watched it and then thought my gut feeling is right not to invest in it.
I can't see the Banksters letting Bitcoin get too big before they try to crush it through fair means or foul.
How bad are our banks?
Mind you Noah may be right in the long run and my gut feeling may just be my guardian angel's way of sending me the message as a way of keeping me from ever becoming rich, as that may not be my path in this lifetime.
But my gut feeling is not to invest, because Bitcoin has run its course I think and the train has left the station for small-time investors like me.
My gut feeling is that I may as well invest in 'Dazzeland' coins, as it would be the same result in the long run if I put my money into Bitcoin now.
Who Gives a Toss About Dazzeland?
They say fortune favours the brave, but I'm chickening out on investing in Bitcoin.
I guess there is only really two outcomes when it comes to investing in Bitcoin...heads or tails?
But don't let me talk you out of Bitcoin, as I'm no expert on it either.
Winklevoss twins become world’s first Bitcoin billionaires
"The twin brothers who accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their idea for Facebook have revealed how they got rich on Bitcoin in a world first."

UPDATE: 7th December, 2017
I saw this newspaper article above in yesterday's paper.
Looks like the Banksters and their friends are already trying to scare people off Bitcoin by making threats to celebs who are promoting the crypto-currencies to others. 
A new podcast was released today over at the
'Sychronicity' podcast site and it also touched on the subject of Bitcoin -
And just to make my view clear on the crytpo-currencies, I think it's a great idea, but a lousy investment, because of the Banksters trying to crush their competition through whatever means are at their disposal...which are a lot.
But hey, don't let me talk you out of "investing" in Bitcoin, I just think the train has now left the station for investors to make money and it's more likely you could lose big on this now.
Just my gut feeling.
And I had to laugh when Jennifer Sodini talks about the eerie screams of koalas, because I have them living in trees along the creek that runs behind my home and they tend to do their screaming at around 3am  quite often.
And they sound like these two koalas in the You Tube below, so it's lucky for me that they are a few hundred yards away from my bedroom...especially if like Jen says in the podcast that most of them have syphilis.
Not that I sleep with koalas though.

UPDATE: 8th December, 2017
"The hacked service was NiceHash, a Slovenia-based mining exchange.
It said it was working hard to recover the Bitcoin for its users, adding:
"Someone really wanted to bring us down."
The attack happened early on Wednesday, said NiceHash's chief executive Marko Kobal.
Attackers accessed the company's systems at 01:18 CET (00:18 GMT).
By 03:37 the hackers, whom the company believes were based outside the European Union, had begun stealing Bitcoin.
The theft comes as the price of Bitcoin continues to surge, dumbfounding experts and stoking concerns of a bubble.
High-stakes attacks like this are not uncommon, with several large breaches and thefts hitting Bitcoin and other related services over the past year.

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