" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 22, 2017

Elizabeth (Betty) Boop, Rose McGowan and Hollywood's Pop-cultural 9/11?

Rose as Elizabeth (Betty) Boop in 'Boop'
I was watching a short film Rose McGowan starred in called 'Boop', which was a parody of the origins of how the cartoon character of Betty Boop came about.
Billy Zane plays Max Fleischer who is inspired by Rose's character when he meets Betty in a bar after she has suffered a brain injury from and ax while she was chopping the heads off chickens back on the farm.
Max passed away on 9/11?!
I thought it was ironic that Max Fleischer passed away on September 11, 1972 and that Rose as Betty hits her head with an ax while chopping off chicken heads and that Hollywood's 'House of Cards' has come tumbling down in the 'Year of the Rooster', in no small part thanks to Rose who has helped those cards to fall.
And with Chris Knowles writing posts about the name Elizabeth and Harvey over at his 'The Secret Sun' blog I can't help thinking just how synchy this 'Boop' short starring Rose is with all the events in Hollywood and beyond happening this year, even if this 'Boop' short was made in 2011.
The Harvey That We Didn't See Coming in 2017?
Doesn't Walt threaten to kill Betty Boop in 'Boop', too?
Tarantino and Weinstein H8in' on the red carpet?
Some of the themes in the early Betty Boop cartoons look downright creepy when viewed under a 2017 lens, I think.
The owls aren't what they seem?
2017: The Return of Twin Peaks and the Death of the Playboy ... Plate of Shrimp Anyone?
Ashley Judd in 'Twin Peaks: The Return'
I guess 2017 hasn't really been a good year for the old men of the mountain either, with everyone turning on them.
The power of the web can be an
 undoing for the wicked
Hmm ... the pussy-grabber in the room maybe?-)
I'd say that the Betty Boop nightmare has just begun for some old men on the mountain and there could be some restless nights of sleep ahead for some as 2018 might drag a few more bones from the pop-cultural closet.

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