" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 2, 2017

Paris Jackson's "Paw Form" and Her Encounter with The Trickster in Oz?

LAST LAUGH?! Dingo/Trickster?
Paris Jackson at the Melbourne Cup 2017
A Life on Track?
On November 10th, 2017 Paris Jackson made headlines in Australia for all the wrong reasons it would seem when the Australian press got on their high horse about Paris posing with a dingo and posting on her Instagram account the phrase "a dingo ate my baby", which is a common meme on the internet made (in)famous by shows like 'Seinfeld' and the movie 'Evil Angels' where Meryl Streep cries those famous words in a cringe worthy (in my opinion) Australian/New Zealand accent as she plays Lindy Chamberlain.
That Meryl Streep movie was from 1988, which was well before Paris was born, so I doubt Paris even knew the origins of the internet meme about the baby and the dingo.
The dingo is often seen as a Trickster animal in Australia, much like the coyote is seen as a Trickster in the USA by its indigenous population.
 Dingo - The Trickster
Click here to read the Dingo chapter from the book 
'Animal Dreaming'.
One of the memes doing the rounds on the net right now
Using the Indigenous flag for an ad might be "paw form", too, I think
How Azaria Chamberlain's half-sister is campaigning for dingos... and is learning to be a handler
While the Azaria/dingo story is tragic and nothing to snicker about the Australian press like nothing better than a scandal, so why would they even bother to get Paris to explain what she meant by posting the Instagram photo with the popular meme saying?
I wonder if the Australian press got up in arms at the time about Julia Louis-Dreyfus uttering those words in the 'Seinfeld' episode that helped give rise to the meme?
I guess it's all too late once it is the press?-)
Azaria Chamberlain and mother Lindy
I also saw around this time in the same newspaper this story below about how people won't be able to climb the rock soon.
Should I have climbed Uluru?
"From 2019 climbing on Uluru will be banned in respect of the wishes of Anangu Aboriginal Australians.
The rock is a major visitor attraction, and many tourists visit the landmark to scale the rock.

I guess people do a lot of offensive things to others without thinking it over in Oz.
The trick is to know whether they meant to offend, or not, because of their own ignorance or lack of local knowledge.
I also find it ironic that walks to the summit of the rock will be stopped in 2019 and that Meryl Streep was born in a town called Summit in New Jersey.

UPDATE: 5th December, 2017
"A 78-year-old woman has been mauled by her three pet dingoes after she tried to stop a fatal attack on a pug in Sydney’s southwest.
The woman is in a serious condition in Liverpool Hospital with bite wounds to her arms, legs and back following the attack at Greendale about 5pm on Monday, police say.
The dingoes had targeted the pug, which was also owned by the woman, and before turning on her.


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