" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 21, 2017

Synching Ships?

I have to thank my mate Gordon at the 'Rune Soup' blog for posting this video this morning as a diametrically opposed point of view to the post I was trying to write and making my intended post much more synchy/sinky.
I like how at around the 15th minute mark Gordon remarks how his father made the remark when he was diving that he, "wouldn't be dead for quids".
Maybe that should be squids?
But that is exactly why I won't go diving or swimming in deep water, because I, "wouldn't be dead for quids"either...since the ocean seems to have warned me a few times in my life to stay out.
It's funny to me how seemingly unrelated themes and events come together at some point in time to make you think WTF?
As soon as Gordon had posted his video this story came up on an Australian national news site-
It was 13th time lucky for World War I submarine found after 100-year search
I was writing a post about a newspaper article I saw about
Andrew Ettingshausen (also known as ET) nearly dying in a diving accident a few years back and why you would never catch me in the water...again.
I never knew about Andrew's brush with death while scuba diving until I saw the newspaper articles above.
Trawler skipper saves ET's life
Cronulla legend Andrew Ettingshausen’s message to people struggling with stress or depression
I've never met Andrew, but I have a photo that sits in my "living room" that my ex-mother-in-law took of my eldest boy with Andrew just before a Sharks/Bronco game in 1994.
My ex-mother-in-law even got ET to sign the back of the photo at another Bronco game.
I couldn't get to see those games myself, as I was working at the time for a furniture store that I hate as much as I hate the Broncos...and my ex-mother-in-law and ex-wife now.
I think my ex-mother-in-law would have made a great 
St.George Dragon's mascot and she wouldn't even have to put on a suit:-)
Sorry I couldn't resist sinking the boot into ex-family.
I did get to sit next to Andrew's wife at a Gold Coast match where she was holding their new born daughter though.
And I did get to see Andrew and Paul crying with relief when I was sitting on the sideline trying not to cry myself when the Sharkies won their first grand final trophy in 2016.
The Quest for a Good Motel Room?
But with all the talk about sinking/synching ships and ETs I thought it was kind of synchy right now that the last time I can remember writing about sinking ships and ETs was in this old post about the Bee Gees where they were singing songs about sinking ships and UFOs -
'Barker of the UFO' and Pugs?
From a November 10th, 2017 newspaper I saw
We May Not Be Alone, Former Pentagon UFO Investigator Says
Is it just me, or is everything starting to really sink/synch up lately on the planet?-)
Makes you wonder what next year is going to bring, doesn't it?-)
The same newspaper that had the 'Dianne Crew Saved Me' story also carried this story pictured above the same day of sunken ships off the coast of Moreton Island, which is right across from Redcliffe, where the Bee Gees grew up.
Behind the Image: Flying High Over Moreton Island
Cape Moreton and its lighthouse
And as much as I love being on the water, when it comes to being in the sea, no thanks, because like Gordon's father said, "I wouldn't be dead for quids".
Although what Gordon's father means and what I mean by those words are two different meanings entirely.
Successful Whale Watching Thought Experiment...or Just a Big Coincidence?
Scuba diving and being under the water looks like fun and I wish I had the confidence to think that I wouldn't die while doing it, but I much prefer 'Stayin'Alive' when it comes to 'Sinking Ships';-)

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