" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 18, 2017

Pizzagate Witch Hunt?

I have to admit that modern society baffles me, because just as you think it's taken one step forward, it takes two ... maybe three steps backwards.
I can't believe that people actually fell for that BS Pizzagate "news story".
01.08.17 Episode 256: Arrington de Dionyso
I listened to this podcast linked above and thought just how gullible people really are.
Doug talks to the guy who painted a mural on the Comet Ping Pong wall once and gets his take on the whole Pizzagate media circus/witch-hunt and what he thought about it all.
Makes you wonder how dumb people can get when they latch on to something like this without doing some homework for themselves first. 
Arrington de Dionyso
And oh yeah, I followed the clues in your 'Sync Book Press' video and it led me to your sugar daddy who has been lookin' after you bitches at Sync Book Press.
He has obviously been funding your little operation by getting you guys to slip subliminal messages into your videos to support his NRL team the South Sydney Rabbitohs ... are you guys just his Rabbit-hoes, or what?-) 
And it must be some kind of cult Crowe's running there in South Sydney under the disguise of a football club to get Tom Cruise away from Scientology.
Now there is a story just waiting for someone like Alex Jones to bring to the public's attention - "Rabbitgate".
Forget about that wall President Trump and start working on a fence to keep these Rabbitoh fanatics from spreading their message throughout the USA.
Don't be colour-blinded by these red and green lunatics ... keep 'em out of your country, before it's too late.
I wouldn't be surprised if Russell has hired Grace Slick to paint dopey rabbits all over their "clubhouse" down there in South Sydney, either.
Now there's a story for the press, which could lead down a nasty little rabbit hole if someone like Alex Jones cares to take a look.
And how could you guys stoop so low as to take Russell's money, when I offered you guys $6.70 to plug the Sharks in that same video ... and do I see any sharks in there?
Don't plan on banking that cheque fellas. 
There's no pizza joints at our club either, although we could have some problems with Mr. Trump over our Chinese restaurant sometime in the near future, I guess;-)  
Hang on, it looks like we do have a pizza joint at the Sharkies clubhouse hidden away somewhere for special members, but just forget you ever heard about it from me, O.K.?-)
And we might need some murals painted to liven up the walls, so have you still got Arrington's phone number Doug?


  1. pizzagate and frazzledrip is real also watch some walter veith about jesuits and their control over hollyweird then watch "cabal fall" & "Out Of The Shadows" there are many more that goes into things more depth like bill hughes "the banned sermon about CIA, Mossad, epstein and wexner and mega group exposed will drop the links later use your critical thinking skills and if it says its this on Main stream media then its the opposite they have been backing these industial secret society freaks for decades .. watch the hegelian mindset by walter veith too

  2. Flatearther777 say it all I think when it comes to the Pizzagate sphere:-)

  3. Don't bother sending me the links to anything to do with Pizzagate or the Flat Earth theory, as I'm not interested in either of those fantasy theories 777.
    I know the Epstein scandal is real and I'm sure there is a lot more to follow there, but that's not Pizzagate.