" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 24, 2017

Third Eye Dropsia with Alexander Ward

Ayahuasca Jungle Visions: A Coloring Book
This seems to be the latest craze at the moment, and I must admit that I haven't tried it yet, but I might just have to give colouring-in a go.:-)
I just hope Alexander isn't trying to plant ideas in my mind here.
Mind Meld 43 | LIVE from Third Eye Dropsia with Alexander Ward
Musings in this mind meld
The story and inspiration behind Ayahuasca Jungle Visions
Difficulty of remembering visionary states, how the story you tell yourself replaces the actual experience
- Archetypical runes people see in visionary states
- Alexander’s time with the Shibipo people
The power of “Icaros” and seeing sounds
Our mutual love for manga and anime, how it influences Alexander’s art
- The dangers of the jungle
- Are the “beings” you encounter from inside you or outside, or both somehow?
- Tibetan book of the dead, psychedelic parallels
- “70% is true, 30% illusion projected by your ego” – Shaman Alexander met
- Self-motivation and the Pomodoro technique
- Self motivation and the importance of community
- Personally transformative visionary experiences Michael and Alexander have had
- Is digitally based art as powerful as traditional art
- VR

I found it interesting that Alexander mentions in the podcast around the 23-minute mark about not mentioning projects you haven't started yet, and Nicole Kidman mentioned the same thing in an interview about the movie 'Lion', which I included in this post a day or two ago -
And check out some other 'Third Eye Drop' podcasts on the 'Third Eye Drop' You Tube Chanel like the one below with artist Android Jones.
THIRD EYE DROPS | Android Jones on Art, Purpose, Technology and Personal Transformation
Does Andriod Jones have green eyes?-)
Green Eyes, a Marker of Alien Hybridity?

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