" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 19, 2017

Yay! Vegemite is Down-Under's Again

At last, something most Aussies can celebrate together on...or around Australia Day, Vegemite is majority owned by an Australian company again.
Vegemite bought by Bega from US food giant Mondelez International
"Vegemite is set to return to Australian ownership after dairy company Bega announced it would buy most of Mondelez International's Australia and New Zealand grocery and cheese business.
, in a note to the Australian Stock Exchange on Thursday morning, said it would use bank debt to fund the $460 million acquisition.
The deal does not include
Philadelphia products but will see Australian ownership of Kraft-branded products, including peanut butter, cheeses and mayonnaise."

It just seems to be one controversy after another when it comes to Australia Dayfrom whether to eat lamb, or not on Australia Day, offensive(?) TV ads about eating lamb and counter You Tube spins on the ad, which may be offensive themselves, to the day itself and what it means to certain Australian groups. 
100% Historically Accurate Lamb Ad
I couldn't get that last You Tube to upload [UPDATE: I have now:-)], so you'll have to click on the link under the screenshot and watch it at the You Tube channel if you want to view it, sorry:-)
I do eat lamb, but this year I might just celebrate Vegemite being Aussie owned again by eating Bega cheese and Vegemite sandwiches and drinking Coopers beer
I've had a block of Bega cheese in my fridge constantly (but not the same one:-), since my visit to the Bega Cheese Factory earlier this year, which I wrote a post about visiting at this link -
Art, Birds and Synchronicity are My Therapies
I always find watching the 'Men at Work''s 'Down Under' music video quite eerie with the rumours that Greg Ham may have killed himself over the copyright lawsuit filed against him and the members of Men At Work, for allegedly stealing a few bars from "Kookaburra" for the flute riff in "Down Under".
The part of the video I find eerie in hindsight is Greg sitting in a tree playing the flute riff to a koala hanging from a rope in the same tree and then in a later part of the video where Greg is trailing the group with the same koala dangling on a rope behind him while four guys dressed in black seem to be walking behind him carrying a coffin like case in a mock like funeral procession.
Gregory Norman "Greg" Ham
(27 September 1953 – ca. 19 April 2012)
Copyright Kills Men at Work Flautist, Greg Ham
How the song turned sour for a 'beautiful man' - Sydney Morning Herald
"I'm terribly disappointed that that's the way I'm going to be remembered - 
That phrase isn't mine, if you were wondering, I just copied it and mashed it up a little.
"This world-weary view was already expressed in 1382 in the Bible translation attributed to JohnWycliffe's followers: 
“No thing under the sun is new” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)."
And God knows where those Bible dudes flogged it from;-)

UPDATE: January 20th, 2017
On the subject of partys on the beach, 80s hit songs and litigation, I just saw this news story -
Lambada singer Loalwa Braz found dead in Brazil
"Loalwa Braz, the Brazilian singer best known for the 1980s hit Lambada, has been found dead in a burnt-out car in Brazil.
Local police confirmed it was Braz, but the circumstances of her death are unknown.
The singer, who was 63, was discovered close to her home in Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro state.
International hit Lambada was released by French group Kaoma in 1989, with Braz providing the Portuguese vocals.
It sold millions of copies around the world.
In Portuguese, the song was known as Chorando se foi (Crying he/she went).
The tune and lyrics were based on a Bolivian song, but the title, Lambada, came from a dance style in northern Brazil.
The Bolivian brothers, who recorded the original version with their group Los Kjarkas in 1981, took legal action against Kaoma for the song's unauthorised translation and were reported to have received a pay-off.
The song, with its catchy beat and sensual lyrics, continues to inspire musicians today.
US pop singer Jennifer Lopez used the tune in her 2010 hit On The Floor.
British group The Spice Girls mentioned the Lambada by name in their 1998 single Spice Up Your Life.
UK electronic group Clean Bandit cited it, in a BBC interview, as one of their biggest inspirations.
"It's been quite inspirational for us," said band member Grace Chatto. "It's got that mix of euphoria but also melancholy and beauty that we try to recreate."

Sir Paul McCartney sues Sony over Beatles songs
"It could become one of the most important legal battles in music - Sir Paul McCartney is suing Sony over control of The Beatles' back catalogue.
The star has gone to a
US court, seeking to regain the publishing rights to 267 of the band's classic songs.
He's been trying to get them back since the
1980s, when Michael Jackson famously out-bid him for the rights."

I remember most of those songs like it was only 'Yesterday' that I heard them playing;-)
I thought Paul sang 'Ebony and Ivory' with MJ.
Sorry Paul;-)


  1. >>>>stealing a few bars from

    Ham was/is a music teacher as I recall. Like he taught in high school or middle school or least, at the time MaW were "coming up" in the music world. I just remember seeing or reading an interview with some of his students talking about how strange it was to see their music teacher "playing rock music"...but more than that...playing rock music that they were hearing on the radio and seeing videos of on that then new medium that was known as M-TV.

    BTW, the song "Down Under" just came up in my playlist as I was typing this. It's just a random 80's music playlist on YouTube. Weird eh? But to me...not really.

    I think "Synchronicity" is simply The Universe's way of helping us...
    A) Know the we aren't alone...
    B) Let us know "it's" there...
    C) Reminding us we are here...
    D) Helping us distinguish between fate and chance, and destiny and freewill.

    It's something that you never get "used to"...because it's always weird, and we never really "know the meaning" because it's personal. But if I had to add an "E)" above, it (synchronicities) would also be...
    E) a reminder to be mindful of others, and help others when and where and how we can.

    Do It Yourself->Pass It On

    I had no idea Mr. Ham was dead. But then again, I don't keep up with that sort of thing. To me, no one who was ever alive is ever dead, nor are they "gone" per se. That's just me tho.

    BTW, as I finished typing this, the song "Sombody's Watching Me" by Rockwell came up in the playlist. (lol)

    Coincidence? Sure. Why not. To some anyway.
    To others? Not so much. ;-)

  2. It's funny you say'"it's something that you never get "used to"...because it's always weird, and we never really "know the meaning" because it's personal. But if I had to add an "E)" above, it (synchronicities) would also be...
    E) a reminder to be mindful of others, and help others when and where and how we can", because the current post I'm now writing, which I was rather reluctant to write, is all about a newspaper I picked up in the "outback" town of Goondiwindi on my second last road-trip and all of the personal little synchronicities I found in the newspaper after my last road-trip, when the football team I had followed for most of my life had finally won their first ever NRL grand final and my father had past away a few weeks before they did (he never supported the Sharks though).
    I only tagged a visit to that out of the way town on to my road-trip to visit a horse statue and museum to that horse, because that horse was my Nan's favourite racehorse (and oddly enough the horse passed away only days after she did and she passed away in 1983 on my father's birthday).
    It's a newspaper that seemed to lay out all these cosmic little winks to me, but that would probably mean nothing at all to anyone else who read it.
    And like you say at the end of your comment,
    Why not?
    To some anyway.
    To others?
    Not so much."

  3. I think that's "how it works"...but that's just my opinion. That said, I don't think that there is an inverse to "how it works" in this instance.
    Meaning: "How it works" + "How it doesn't work" is not equal to synchronicity.

    Silence is it's own sound. And what I am getting at, is that just because there are no "synchronicities" everywhere you look, that is a synchronicity in and of itself. Maybe as simple as "The Universe giving you a break"...per se. ;-)

    1. The Universe sometimes needs a break as well.
    2. There are many beings/entities in this Universe.
    3. Only The Universe can get to them all at the same time. (hehe) ;-)

    The Universe seems to always be listening...are you?
    The Universe seems to always be talking...are you?

    Enjoyed the convo. :-D
    ^Hein Cooper - The Art of Escape^