" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 14, 2017

Black Friday/Black Swan Event in Canberra

Trees were felled across Canberra,
including at
Parliament House
Yesterday, Friday the 13th of January, 2017, a serve windstorm toppled trees right across Australia's capital city Canberra.
Canberra windstorm fells trees, causes havoc across city; emergency services inundated
Felled tree in Aranda after high winds hit Canberra
A pelican getting ready for a black swan attack in Canberra
I wrote a post in October last year about my week in Canberra, while I waited to head back to Sydney to see my team the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks take on the Melbourne Storm in the NRL grand final.
A Black Swan Event in Canberra
Ironically, the Melbourne Storm was the team that knocked the Canberra Raiders out of the competition the night I arrived in Canberra.
I've got a deck of playing cards which I was using in an upcoming post where the pelican is one of the Joker cards, and on that card it states that ,"Australian Pelicans have the longest bill of any bird in Australia".
Storm Boy
Storm Boy star David Gulpilil: We sing and dance to the pelicans
"ALMOST four decades after playing Fingerbone Bill in Storm Boy, the treasured South Australian film about a boy who raises a pelican on the Coorong, actor David Gulpilil says it remains an unforgettable part of his life.
Pelicans are my totem so it was a special film” said Gulpilil, 62, who went back to the Coorong where Storm Boy was filmed in the lead-up to next week’s Adelaide Film Festival.
“I come from way up north but they’re still my totem, still my Dreaming. We sing and dance to the pelicans.”

Gulpilil, a Yolngu man and a living legend whose talent was honoured internationally at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival when he won best actor for Rolf de Heer’s Charlie’s Country (in the specialist category Un Certain Regard”) said Storm Boy endured because its message was simple and strong.
“It’s a big statement between me and a little boy and a pelican, and it’s about the land,”
he told The Advertiser. “Both are telling the story; from me how I loved the pelican because it’s my Dreaming, and the little boy loved it too.
“My part was teaching the little boy how to be a friend to the animals, teach him how to feed them.”

David Gulpilil was the star of
Nicolas Roeg's other film
I thought it was a little coincidental also that a very controversial lamb ad was discussed in the national media the day before 
"Black Friday" and the storm that hit Canberra;-)
"The annual television advert encouraging people to eat lamb on Australia Day is often controversial, and it seems this year is no different, with members of the Indigenous community describing it as "highly offensive" and "disgusting".
While Meat and Livestock Australia says the response has been mostly positive, some in the Indigenous community say it is highly offensive.
The campaign, which depicts a European invasion, makes no mention of
Australia Day. It begins with a group of Indigenous Australians having a barbecue on a beach as one by one, ships of explorers reach the shore."

Gulpilil promoting 'Australia' with
Nicole Kidman and Brandon Walters
A tree that had fallen on
Northbourne Avenue, AKA the A
Looks like that storm yesterday has left a big clean-up bill, as well.
A pair of black swans on a lake
Canberra last year at Floriade
I love Canberra and have been contemplating a permanent move down there sometime in the near future, so I'm saddened to see a lot of the familiar streets with trees I drove past flattened like that.
And on the subject of trees falling down, I wrote a post about the 1000-year-old tree that fell down on David Bowie's (and the King's) birthday (January 8th, 2017) and can't help thinking of Neil Percival Young's song 'Comes a Time'.
And the fact that the pelican in the movie 'Storm Boy' is named Mr. Percival and Neil Young's middle name is Percival just seems to add more "Creedence" to the 'Comes a Time' lyrics I think;-)
The Pelican in 'Storm Boy' is named
Percival. Neil Percival Young?
(UPDATED Jan 11th, 2016) As the World Falls Down on the 1st Anniversary of David Bowie's Passing?
 Neil Percival Young
And while Friday the 13th was a bad day for Australia's national capital, I think next Friday, January 20th in the USA's national capital may be worse when Donald Trump hits the city to take over the rains ... I mean reigns:-)
Parliament House lawns had a
tumultuous time on
Friday afternoon
This also happened in the outback town of Tennant Creek on
Friday the 13th, January, 2017 -
Tennant Creek in flood,
Friday the 13th of January, 2017
Tennant Creek deluged with 'one-in-50-year' flood
"The normally dry town of Tennant Creek experienced a deluge on Friday night in what meteorologists said was a one-in-50-year flood.
Irena Edwards-Kelly, 26, said she appreciated the rain when it began, but she had now had enough
"It is good rain and I was loving it, but it gets annoying," she said.
It was the highest floodwaters Ms Edwards-Kelly had ever seen in the town.
Senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology in Darwin,
Graeme King, said the flooding was a significant event."
Flooding in Tennant Creek came
a one-in-50-year flood event
The town of Tennant Creek is a personal synchronicity for me (not that I have ever been anywhere near the town in my life) as my grandmother's brother who was a WWII hero in Italy once ran and owned a pub in the town of Tennant Creek for many years.
I wrote a post mentioning him and my efforts to track information on him when I was down in Canberra last year - 
CU in the NT?
And can it get any more synchronistically weirder?
I just saw this news story about The World losing an anchor in Port Arthur on Thursday -
The World cruise ship in Hobart
Exclusive cruise ship The World delayed in Hobart after anchor lost at Port Arthur
"One of the world's most exclusive cruise ships, The World, has lost an anchor in Port Arthur bay and is waiting in Hobart for it to be retrieved.
The World has 165 cabins and describes itself as the largest privately-owned residential ship on the planet.
It is understood a section of the ship's main anchor chain broke in heavy winds at
Port Arthur on Thursday, forcing the ship to use its starboard anchor.
It traveled to
Hobart and is now berthed at Macquarie Wharf No. 2.
Shipping agent Wilhelmsen has contracted local firm Tasmanian Shipping Supplies to retrieve the anchor which weighs about 8 tonnes, but work has been delayed due to bad weather.
The World
's website says it carries up to 200 passengers and 250 crew and staff.
It travels the globe continuously, with some residents living on board and others joining the ship for part of the journey.

The World was built in 2002 at a cost of $US266 million and has 12 decks, a helicopter pad, two swimming pools, a tennis court, four restaurants and a mini-golf course.
It is scheduled to leave on Sunday evening.

"Ship of Fools" World Party 
And more synchromysticism? -
Nick Cave on stage in
Hobart on Friday the 13th
Nick Cave launches return to stage in Hobart after son's death
"A much-anticipated return to touring by Australian music legend Nick Cave has begun with an emotionally-charged concert containing some unexpected words of praise for his audience in Hobart.
It was the first performance for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds since the death of Cave's 15-year-old son Arthur who fell from a cliff near their Brighton home 18 months ago.
The enormity of the moment was not lost on the crowd at the Derwent Entertainment Centre — a cavernous venue which fell quiet when Cave spoke three songs in.
The unexpected greeting was met with laughter and cheering.
"It's the first time we've played in a couple of years," he told the crowd.

"And I didn't think I'd ever say this, but you are beautiful."
Over two-and-half hours, the man dubbed the Prince of Darkness continued his interaction with a set list spanning from early Bad Seeds days to the more recent Skeleton Tree, which references his son's death."

"Cave has spoken about how he now enjoys engaging with the audience, telling The Australian "it feels very much a communal thing between what's going on on stage and the audience".
That was evident many times with the
Hobart audience, including when the entire crowd chimed in during Into My Arms after he fumbled the lyrics and let the punters finish the now anthemic Cave classic.
There were several moments of holding hands out-stretched from the front rows.
A 30-minute encore saw him turn it over to the audience for suggestions with the powerful Stagger Lee the choice, before ending the night with the ethereal and soulful
Push the Sky Away.
The tour continues across Australia and New Zealand this month before moving to the US and Canada for 20 gigs mid-year.

 A sick bag of mine from
'The Spirit of Tasmania'
Nick Cave's book
The Sick Bag Song
Two elderly men die in boating accident in southern Tasmania
"Two men aged in their 80s have died and another person has been taken to hospital after their boat capsized off Dodges Ferry in south-east Tasmania, police say.
It is believed the three men left in 5 metre aluminium dinghy from a boat ramp in Dodges Ferry this morning before running into trouble west of Park Beach.
It is understood the men were pulling cray pots when their boat was hit by a large wave. Police were called to the scene shortly after 7:00am and used a helicopter to rescue a 51-year-old man who was taken to hospital in Hobart with minor injuries."

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