" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 5, 2017

'Watership Down': Following the White Rabbit While the Black Rabbit of Death Follows You?

The White/Black Rabbit of death
I watched my copy of the animated movie of Richard Adams' book, 'Watership Down' the other night and have to say what a mishmash of confusing spiritual ideas it is.
Richard Adams, 'Watership Down' author, dies aged 96 at the End of 2016
Follow your True North?-)
I couldn't help thinking about the post I wrote earlier this year about the North Star when I saw the animated stars in the opening sequence of the movie.
True North (Star)?
I've never read Adams' book before and I doubt I ever will, after watching a film I had to battle staying awake through.
I don't know how any child could sit down and watch this movie all the way through without becoming bored, I couldn't do it and I wanted to watch it.
There is some beautiful animation in parts of the film and I'm sure most people love the hauntingly sad song 'Bright Eyes' sung by Art Garfunkel
But I couldn't make out just what message Adams had in mind, which makes me feel he had no clue either.
Obviously, the rabbits are just substitutes for the planet's biggest pest, which is running rampant at the moment, humans/us.
My favourite scene in the whole movie, the kingfisher
I must say I liked when I saw in the movie the Kingfisher dive into the stream and catch a fish.
The Bird that Flew into the Window
At the end of the movie I had to go to the special features section to try and make some sense out of just what Adams was trying to tell us.
Here was what I found -
Let's hope the new mini-series being made makes more sense with the plot, because Adams had no idea what he was on about.
"In July 2014, it was confirmed that the BBC would be airing a new animated series based on the book.
In April 2016 it was announced that the series would be a co-production between the BBC and Netflix, and would consist of four one-hour episodes.
The series will have a budget of £20 million."
I'll give that a view then it comes out, but I don't hold much hope that it will make much more sense than the original storyline.
Fingers crossed though.

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