" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 3, 2017

My Fear and Fascination of the Alien Sea

I love watching sea-creatures like jellyfish, octopus and sharks swimming...but only on film or in fish tanks...not around me though.
Stunning Photos By Alexander Semenov Showcase The Alien Beauty Of Jellyfish
I guess it all stems back to my first ever trip to the seaside when I was about to head into the water only to see some adults pull a screaming kid from the surf with a massive red welt up his thigh.
He had been stung by a jellyfish and needless to say there was no way I was venturing in to meet the same fate as that kid and being a child of the seventies going to the movies and seeing the films that Pixar would never make
I would never venture beyond waste deep water.
And I still don't today for some reason.
Just walking along the beach can be creepy in Australia.
'Wallpaper of blue blubber jellyfish' wash up on Queensland beach
So the thought of being anal probed by something as alien looking, deadly and painful sounding as a blue ringed octopus really keeps me out of the water off the mainland.
Venomous blue-ringed octopus spotted in Scarborough Harbour
I'll just fill up my bathtub and watch my cheap plastic battery powered jellyfish swim around while I listen to a podcast from the 'Fear Based Life' site, and count how many legs I still own from not venturing too far out into the shark infested ocean.
Fear Based Life
I just wonder if those tattoos on Mel's back are of parachutes, or jellyfish;-)
Scary thought either way, I guess.

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