" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 15, 2017

Bruce Blasts BrizVegas

Bruce Springsteen in Brisbane, Australia Valentine's Day, 2017
I just spent the best Valentine's Day of my life at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tonight and I didn't even take a date with me.
F#ck Valentine's Day, It's Ferris Wheel Day
Wow, that post linked above from last Valentine's Day turned out to be rather spooky, as the lead singer from 'Dead Or Alive' would die of a heart attack in 2016 and I also used Springsteen's 
'Tunnel of Love' song in that post, not knowing that I would be seeing Bruce play my hometown on Valentine's Day 2017.
I bought this ticket only two weeks ago on the internet when I thought I had blown my chance of getting a good ticket to either Brisbane concert of Bruce's.
The computer allocation gave me a choice of sitting behind the stage with "restricted" views, or sitting way up the back of the stadium from where I had seen Neil Diamond play and both tickets would cost me nearly $200.
My view in the same venue when I saw Neil Diamond play there in 2015
Back to the Future with Neil Diamond on Nov 5th?
A little voice inside my head said to take the "restricted" views ticket, or I'd be sorry.
So I did and I wasn't sorry one bit, because if I was any closer I'd be on the stage.
To give you an idea how good my seat position was on the night, which seat in this arena would you choose to be in, including the seat from where the photo was taken?
I mean, I may as well have been sitting on top of the piano I was that close to the stage, but at least I wasn't dancing on it like some chick was later on in the show.
Now you are probably thinking where are the synchronicities in this post, or are you just bragging that you got good seats to a
Springsteen concert?

Well, it's a bit of both really:-)
Because Bruce and I both share the birth-date of September 23rd as our birthdays, although Bruce is 67, while I'm 52.
The bizarre coincidence with Bruce currently being 67 is that the football team I have been following for nearly all my life entered the NRL competition in 1967 and never won a grand final until last year.
67 is a very important number to any Sharks fan, just ask one
My Happiest Birthday Ever
And the Cronulla postcode of twenty two thirty adds up to the age I was when Cronulla won thier first NRL grand final trophy, 52.
You might call it all just coincidence, but since it's
meaningful coincidence to me, I'll call it synchronicity.
Anyway, back to the Brisbane concert.
The first concert I ever attended in my life was Bruce Springsteen's QEII Stadium concert in Brisbane back in 1985 and I've always told people it was the best concert that I have ever attended.
I've often wondered if maybe my memories weren't exaggerating that concert in my mind's eye and it was just because it was my first concert and will always be special in my memories.
I would have to say that after being at Bruce's and the E Street Band's latest show that my memories are correct and this show equaled it, if not surpassed the 1985 show.
Bruce and the Band performing 'The River'
I guess 'The River' would have to be close to my favourite Springsteen song, if I could possibly pick one as a favourite, because I never get sick of hearing it ... and I've heard it a lot in my lifetime, plus I like the old saying that you can never step into the same river twice.
You Can Never Walk Along the Same River Twice
You Can Never Step on the Same Riverstage Twice ... Especially After 10 O'Clock at Night;-)
You can probably never step onto the same piano twice either:-) 
The place to park if you're in the know;-) 
All in all I had the best Valentine's Day I have ever had yet and luckily I had parked in the secret Masonic part of the car-park and could use the underground tunnel to get out straight away while everyone else had to wait for hours.
Now it's off to rig Oscar night with my brothers;-)

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