" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 27, 2017

What Just Happened in La La Land?!

Nice try Ben, but the Academy can't be fooled a second time :-) 
Jimmy Kimmel ironically on a cinema screen hosting the 2017 Oscars
I went to the cinema today to watch the Oscars beamed live on the big screen here in Australia and where I am that was a Monday 11.30 am start.
I love the atmosphere at these events as it's like a poor man's Oscar ceremony where you get to drink sparkling wine and chew on nibbleies while applauding along with fellow cinema aficionados. 
But I have to say that I'm still in La La Land after seeing my favorite film of the year get the red carpet pulled from under its feet.
I'm going to watch the Oscars again now (it gets replayed on free to air TV in prime time on Monday night in Oz) just to make sure what I saw on the big screen really happened.
See my last updated post to see my thoughts on the Rolex commercial starring Bill Paxton and Faye Dunaway -
Bill Paxton (1955–2017)
Well, I still couldn't figure out what happened the second time round either, but I'm sure glad that I went to the cinema to watch it live than sit at home and watch it on my cheap and crappy little TV set.
And Viola nearly killed me a second time today when I nearly choked on that lump in my throat again after listening to her speech.
And why did they have to play 'Both Sides Now' when recalling all those who passed in the industry this last year?
My father passed away last year and I've mentioned that song a few times in my posts in 2016, so it was doubly tough sitting through that song and the memories from last year.
Is someone at the Academy reading my blog?
And I thought it was ironic that Warren mentioned truth and politics and then misled us all with the wrong result by handing the envelope to Faye to read:-)
It was kind of like life imitating art when Trump won the election last year and most people whether they voted for Trump, or not couldn't believe it was true.
But at least they didn't call Hilary the winner and then take it off her.
But considering 'La La Land''s alternate "what if" ending in the movie where the audience is shown what could have happened, then maybe this was an appropriate ending for 'La La Land' on Oscar night where we got to see what just might have been?
La La Land got mooned big-time on Oscar night
Well, I can't wait to see how they'll top this Oscar's night next year.

UPDATE: May 8th, 2017
I just watched 'Moonlight' last night on DVD not having seen it before and all I can say is that you have got to be f#cking kidding me that this film gets the 'Best Movie' Oscar over
'La La Land'...come on.
It was obviously just a political vote with the film being a predominately African-American cast and the Gay storyline and the backlash from the year before about diversity...I get that.
But there is no way in hell that 'Moonlight' is a better film than 'La La land'.
The Academy got it right when they got it wrong.
'La La Land' was the best film by far this year.

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