" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 7, 2017

Further Down the Rabbit Hole?

That cartoon above is the winning caption entry for a weekly cartoon competition run by a local weekend newspaper.
And it just happens to be my caption.
The funny thing was I knew I was going to win this particular cartoon competition, I didn't hope I was going to win, I knew I was going to win.
When I saw the blank bubble I saw those words like I was reading a future newspaper showing me the winning caption, I didn't even have to think about the words, because it was like they were already there.
It seemed like fate to me, something in my future that I couldn't change, it was going to happen.
I had just written a post about free will verses fate -
Fate vs Free Will
and now here was fate staring me in the face, because I knew if I put this entry in I was definitely going to win.
I even had a deep thought surface from my unconscious telling me that this was my fate to win and I couldn't avoid it.
I countered that thought with the thought that "well, if I don't bother posting the entry I can't possibly win and therefore I change my so called future if I'm meant to win".
Then a counter thought said, "yeah, but you won't, because you want to see if you would have won and therefore you will post it and win proving that you didn't really have the choice you thought you had not to win".
I knew that thought was right (wherever it came from) because if I didn't post the entry and didn't win I would never know if I was going to win...and I wanted to know if my knowing I was going to win was right.
Me after the Sharkies won their first ever NRL grand final in 2016

Plus I spent last year not just hoping, but knowing my football team was going to win their first ever grand final and I ran into rabbits everywhere while following my team around the country.
 A Cascade of Rabbits?
Rabbits and rabbit-holes running along the rivulet park-lands
Richard Adams, 'Watership Down' author, dies aged 96 at the End of 2016
The girl with the pet rabbit I met in Grafton on my last road-trip
I even bizarrely ran into a girl with a pet rabbit in Grafton on my way back from Sydney after going down there to see the Sharks win their first grand final.
The funny thing also was that William McInnes had written in the same weekend supplement that my winning cartoon was in about shark pyjamas where he actually mentions my Cronulla Sharks in the article.
Ironically, William was in one of my favourite films
'Look Both Ways', which was directed and written by his late wife Sarah Watt.
And like those PJs William writes about in his newspaper column there are sharks all over that movie, as the movie poster and soundtrack pictured shows.
I wrote about the movie on my blog back in 2011 in this post -
Look Both Ways.
The film's themes even deal with fate vs chance as far as life goes...even if life appears to be chaotic and crappy.
I even wrote a post about William's great TV series about birds, which I loved and own on DVD -
Hello Birdy
But that was all probably just my fate, too, I guess, right?-)
Life is just one deep rabbit hole it seems to me.


  1. I'm thinking this was you sensing the future, Daz, not fate, not destiny, but free will in all its glorious and weird permutations.

  2. It felt more like fate to me Trish.
    It was Hobson's choice, if any.