" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 6, 2017

Interconnected Separateness with Amanda Sage

Mind Meld 57 | Interconnected Separateness with Amanda Sage.
Just listened to the latest TED podcast...that's 
the Third Eye Drops podcast, not that other TED talk above, so below?-)
...and Amanda Sage discusses her art and one of her more famous paintings which features her naked lower half.
That picture at the top of this post is actually the top half of the painting and if you want to see the rest of it you can see it all at this link -
‘Lifting the Skirt’ with Amanda Sage’s Art
The funny thing was, as I was looking at Amanda's painting the thing that caught my eye you are wrong...her green eyes.
And not because I think she is an alien hybrid (although who knows?-), but because she is in that same 2% of the world population as me who's genes gave her green eyes.
Green Eyes, a Marker of Alien Hybridity?!
I want to know why if green eyes are so rare in the world's population that I'm running into people with green eyes in real life as well as main stream media all over the place.
I wonder if it's just the new car phenomena where if you buy a blue car you start noticing all of the other blue cars being driven on the road?
Anyway, enough of my green eye obsession that I've been on lately and check out Amanda's artworks...she's covered up in the rest of them in case the prudes out there were worried.
And I'm with Michael on the flat earth dilemma, but I doubt it would drive me to watching FOX news as a preferred option to listening to flat-earthers ramble on.
I'd just switch them both off, instead of waste my time.


Cade F.O.N Apollyon said...

Great pics. Especially the ones with the air as it relates to the nostrils. Gave me some great insight into my own nose. (no pun intended, but, yeah)

My left nostril has a wicked bend that once closed my left side almost completely. I got it surgically repaired in order to help with my sinus problems/allergy problems, but all they did was slide the bend down to where it was no longer blocking the nostril passage.

I've thought a lot about that bend in my nose over the years and how the flow relates to Bernoulli's Principles within fluid dynamics. Maybe that the air actually travels faster on that side, which is why I can actually breathe better through that nostril now when my sinuses are screwed up. But I'm also thinking about the stresses that this puts on not only the nose/other nostril, but the muscles of the face and eyes/ears, and how this pertains to the lungs/throat/breathing/etc., and especially in someone like me who has no tonsils/adenoids, and severe allergies and asthma. And thanks for the cool pics. I notice that one of the pics has a slight deviation on the left side within the lines. But maybe I'm wrong on that.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Who nose C.F?