" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 18, 2017

The Deer Are Not What They Seem?

Is 'Get Out' as black and white as it seems?
I went to the cinema yesterday to see two movies, 'Get Out' and 'Alien Covenant'.
Two movies that I expected to have nothing that much in common except scares.

Review: Get Out is full of uncomfortable answers to America's racial questions
But apart from the obvious racial themes in the movie
'Get Out'  there are not so obvious alien themes, as well, I think, either by accident, or design.
Director/writer of 'Get Out', Jordan Peele
The movie starts off with the main star of the film Chris and his white girlfriend making plans to visit her parents and break the news to them that her boyfriend is black .
On the way to the parents house their car hits a deer...or did it?-)
Because we soon find out that Chris is a good candidate for hypnosis when he goes under fairly easily when Mrs. Armitage puts him under to cure his smoking habit.
We know the deer association for Chris is very dear to to speak...on an emotional level when he thinks back to the guilt of watching TV, while his mother lay dying after a hit and run on her way home from work.
Very much a subliminal reference to the movie Bambi and how Bambi's mother dies in that movie, too, I think.
Nice one Jordan;-)
So the deer that hits the car that Chris later sees dying could be real, but he may also be in a hypnotic state, as what is to say he wasn't hypnotized before this trip and told to forget about it?
The mirror could have been broken prior to the journey up with the suggestion planted not to notice the mirror until 
"the deer hits the car".
It's common in UFO abduction accounts to hear about owls as screen memories, but it is also heard of deer being used as screen memories also.
When Chris is put into a hypnotic trance by Mrs. Armitage she tells him to sink into the floor, but he doesn't just end up in a black void, as you can see stars all around him as he appears to be floating in space.
Missing time? Cup and saucer?-) 
And the thing in this movie is we tend to focus on the odd behaviour of the African-American people around the Armitage estate thinking something isn't quite right, without thinking just how batshit crazy the behaviour is of the white people around the Armitage maybe these white people have been snatched and used for their genetic advantages at some earlier point in history, as well. 
You might say their behaviour is a little like the behaviour of stories you hear about the 'Men in Black', which in this movie is what they are truly aiming to become;-) 
And don't forget that Chris is rescued by his African-American friend who works for the TSA, an organization who are supposedly there to protect the country from undesirable aliens entering the country.
I love the twin pillar/dart board, two halves of the ping pong table props in the basement in relation to the subconscious and mind, as well.
So, is my alien abduction theory subtext in 'Get Out' worth considering?

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