" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 6, 2017

Nothing to See Here?

I read about this 'Ghost Girl' above from a link to the story from the 'Mysterious Universe' website at the Rune Soup website.
Unidentified ‘Ghost’ Girl Seen by Remote Camera in Upstate New York
I had never heard of this story before and then when I pick up my local paper a story on page three catches my eye and I think this must be it...but it's's a story of a Rockhampton ghost tour operator who claims that she was groped by a ghost in a Rockhampton railway museum.
Now I believe in ghosts 100%, but how does such a flimsy ghost story make page three of Queensland's biggest newspaper?
I'm not saying that Michelle Cromar is a liar, but I have never heard of her before, so why should I believe what she says?
And it was related to a paid ghost tour with 'The Bulletin' newspaper as one of the sponsors, so why would a story like this make page three of a major paper, as well as a string of smaller ones?
'I felt four fingers and a thumb': Rocky ghost hunter's shock
Interesting story, but that's all it is...because how do you prove it without any real proof?
Only Michelle knows if it is a true story, or not.

UPDATE: May 10th , 2017
Mystery of the 'Ghost Girl': Who Is the Spooky Little Lady in This Viral Photo?
"The girl in the photo has been identified as Holdan McGreevy, who's not a ghost at all. She is just your average 9-year-old girl from upstate New York.
The young lady and her grandfather, Chic Wilson, were hiking in the woods in Cambridge, Washington County, when the photo was taken by a trail camera.
She and her granddad couldn’t believe how far the story spread
Trail cameras are used by hunters to spot movement in the woods.
“I think it's crazy that someone thought I was a ghost and it went like all over the internet,” she told Inside Edition. "I’m just a 9-year-old girl who's not a ghost!”

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