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May 15, 2017

At Least 17 Mummies Discovered in a Tomb in 2017 Just as 'The Mummy' is About to Hit Movie Screens?

The burial site in Egypt containing at least 17 mummies
Mummies and papyrus among treasures found in Egypt's newest ancient Greco-Roman tomb
"Egypt has unearthed an ancient burial site containing at least 17 mummies, most fully intact, in the latest in a string of discoveries that the country's Antiquities Minister described as a helping hand for its struggling tourism sector.
The funerary site, uncovered eight metres below ground in Minya, a province about 250 kilometres south of Cairo, contained limestone and clay sarcophagi, animal coffins, and papyrus inscribed with Demotic script.
The burial chamber was first detected last year by a team of Cairo University students using radar.
The mummies have not yet been dated but are believed to date to Egypt's Greco-Roman period, a roughly 600-year span that followed the country's conquest by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, according to Mohamed Hamza, a Cairo University archaeology dean in charge of the excavations.
Egypt is hoping the recent discoveries will brighten its image abroad and revive interest among travellers that once flocked to its iconic pharaonic temples and pyramids but have shunned the country since its 2011 political uprising.
"2017 has been a historic year for archaeological discoveries," Antiquities Minister Khaled Al-Anani told a news conference in announcing the find on Saturday.
"It's as if it's a message from our ancestors who are lending us a hand to help bring tourists back."
Salah Al-Kholi, a Cairo University Egyptology professor who led the mission, said as many as 32 mummies may be in the chamber, including mummies of women, children and infants.
Archaeologists have excavated a slew of relics in recent months that include a nobleman's tomb from more than 3,000 years ago, 12 cemeteries that date back about 3,500 years and a 
giant colossus believed to depict King Psammetich I, who ruled from 664 to 610 BC.
Tourism Minister Yehia Rashed said last month the new finds could boost tourist arrivals this year to about 10 million, an improvement from the
9.3 million visitors that came in 2015 but still far below the 14.7 million from 2010.
No 2016 figure is yet available.
The tourism sector, a crucial source of hard currency, has struggled to regain ground amid a growing number of militant attacks, including two Islamic State church bombings last month.

What I find particularly interesting is the actors in this movie and the roles they have played in other recent horror movies, especially Annabelle Wallis who played the lead role of Mia in 'Annabelle' the fictional story of a doll based on a real life haunted doll named Annabelle. 
In 'The Mummy' Annabelle Wallis plays the role of TC's girlfriend Jenny.
The real Annabelle doll on the left, the movie one on the right
I wrote in a recent post about how I thought James Wan may have based the look of his movie version of the Annabelle doll off the character of Regan from 'The Exorcist'.
William Peter Blatty and The Exorcist
The life like Regan puppet used in 'The Exorcist' movie
A scene from the 'Annabelle' movie
Javier Botet who plays Set in 'The Mummy' also played the "Crooked Man" in 'The Conjuring 2', a movie I wrote about in this recent post -
The Conjuring 2, Elvis and 1977
Javier Botet was also born in 1977, by the way;-)
Javier has a pretty impressive resume at his IMDB page of horror movie roles, too.
And there is probably no need to mention TC's previous movie roles...and beliefs.
The Inter-dimensional War of the Worlds?
With all this excavation going on in Egypt I think I might just dig 'The Mummy' when it comes out ;-) 

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