" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 12, 2018

Mann, That Owl is Freaky, But is it What it Seems to Be?-)

My Paulie Mann owl print hanging on my computer room wall
I've written in a few recent previous posts that I've started re-watching the 'Twin Peaks' TV series right from the beginning, after just having read Mark Frost's 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks'.
Did Dale Cooper say that he doesn't like birds?!
I'm also halfway through Mark Frost's
'Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier' at the moment, too.
The same week I start my re-watch of 'Twin Peaks' I see the 'Doughnut Time' stores are shutting down their shops in Australia.
Doughnut Time forced to close stores across the country, leaves employees without weeks of pay
Not that I eat doughnuts now anyway with me being on a dairy free diet, but still timing is everything, as they say.
Doughnuts are a regular prop in the 'Twin Peaks' show
I also found a podcast series called
'Twin Peaks: The Return. A Podcast' and there is an interview with Mark Frost about the book he wrote,
'The Secret History of Twin Peaks', plus Mark's thoughts about the third season of the TV show being made -
An interview with Mark Frost
I've been listening to a few more of the
'Twin Peaks: The Return. A Podcast's and find them kind of amusing considering the hosts were trying to work out what was going on in the show, what it all means, and trying to anticipate what was going to happen next.
Having watched the whole series of the TV show once now myself, it's like coming back from the future knowing what's going to happen and having the advantage over these guys as they stumble through what to them is the future.
It gives the podcasts a whole different spin, but is still entertaining to listen to when you have the advantage that the hosts didn't at the time.
The podcast series is helmed by Andy Hazel, who has a reputation as being one of Australia's biggest fans of the show.
But what really creeps me out about watching the TV show is turning around and seeing my Paulie Mann print hanging on my wall.
I wrote about the weekend I bought my Paulie Mann prints after seeing some owls for the first time in my life, but not in the wild though, as they were caged in a zoo -

Are the Owls What They Seem?
My only "real life" encounters with owls, so far
"Paul "Paulie" (Galactic Seed) Mann is a Australian Visual Artist / Visionary Artist.
The type of Art he creates is an amalgamation of different mediums, digital and natural.
He is inspired by mathematics of nature and uses modern artistic tools to recreate these visual journeys.
He started his career working with sacred geometry and fractal algorithms and tried his hand at working in different mediums to find his artistic voice.
Working with leather, metal, wood and stone he experimented creating different works of art.
It was on this journey that he rediscovered his true passion to paint and draw his visions.
In 2010 he created Galactic Seed his artist name and business selling wholesale to 35 shops in Australia and overseas.
He created stickers, banners and posters of his artworks, he traveled to festivals throughout Australia running his Galactic Seed market stall and still does.
Paulie has had numerous exibitions in Australia and abroad and his artwork 'Owl wisdom' has been printed in the book Alchemista beyond the veil.
His artwork was also used as an Album cover for Local Australian Reggae band Fyah Walk for their third Album 'Spirit Fyah'.
2013 saw Paul doing live digital Art projections, at the UKI Glow dance winter Solstice.
I even bought this freaky alien sticker off Paulie that same weekend and he even told me that while he has never seen a UFO, he did step into a green beam in a field one night and couldn't see just exactly where that beam of light was coming from.
That sounded very 'Twin Peaks' to me.
Check out Paulie's work for yourself over at his
Galactic Seed website, as his work is very shamanic.
I'm just glad that I don't have any Rosaleen Norton art hanging on my walls, as that would make my watching of 'Twin Peaks' even creepier I would imagine.
Rosaleen Norton's owlish painting
The Witch of Kings Cross?
After-all, Rosaleen wasn't quite the same as some old log-lady.
The evil Bob from 'Twin Peaks'
Synchronicity, 42 and Owls?
I saw this news story above about neanderthal cave paintings and the implication that any fool can make art...which of course is true, but can any old fool make good money selling their art?
Neanderthal Man?
I like how Graham Hancock speculates that the red-headed Neanderthals were spiritual beings who mated with humans before becoming extinct.
Apparently we all have a certain amount of Neanderthal genes in our own genes.
"Everyone living outside of Africa today has a small amount of Neanderthal in them."
AYAHUASCA: Into The Dark Abyss?
I picked up this local Brisbane magazine featuring the Disney play 'Aladdin' on the cover and Patricia Piccinini's coming exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art set to start on March 24th, 2018 inside the same magazine and I noticed the child sleeping on a Persian rug with a wallaby laying on his back.
Geometry in Persian Rugs:
"Geometrically patterned Persian carpets, woven by nomadic tribes, are decorated with linear elements composed of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, and are formed by a repetition of the same motif.
The motif of a carpet can be used to determine the particular tribe, or place of origin.
A pattern, whether in nature or art, relies upon three characteristics: a unit, repetition, and a system of organization.
Symmetry is a fundamental organizing principle in nature and in culture.
The analysis of symmetry allows for understanding the organization of a pattern, and provides a means for determining both variance and change.
By varying relationships within patterns where symmetry is expected, otherwise predictable and repetitive patterns may be transformed into great works of art.
These variations in design occur in the two main parts of the rug: The field
(or ground and the borders, which frame the interior the field of the carpet).
Designs fall into two different categories: curvilinear and rectilinear.
The most common motif for Persian rugs, especially the larger ones, is a large central medallion. Yet, even if two carpets have basically the same design, no two medallions are ever exactly the same.
Some experts believe that the medallion designs stems from the very religious nature of the weavers and that their inspiration probably came from the artwork and patterns of domes of the mosques.
The colours and pattern designs also carry with them a mythological and esoteric meaning.
How to "read" a rug?
And I have heard a few people tell me that the patterns on Persian rugs are very reminiscent of an LSD trip.
That's certainly a different spin on the words "magic carpet ride" I think;-)
Is that an angel I see in the carpet on the cinema floor?-)
It's a good thing then that I wasn't on LSD the day I picked up this magazine when I went to a live Oscars screening at the Elizabeth Cinemas, which is all decked out in mystical looking carpet patterns -
The Harp(O?) Room maybe?-)
And of course that magazine also had to mention the 'Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Past Lives' exhibition coming to the Queensland Museum soon.
The poster that I mentioned in the Oprah post
The back cover of the 'Where' magazine
I,Tonya: Sending and Receiving a Synchromystic Message or Just Another Modern Myth?
The Left-hand Path of Time?
Maybe 'Where' magazine should be renamed 'Who' magazine?-)
The only drugs I will be on watching 'Twin Peaks' will be black coffee and red wine.
I'd hate to see Paulie's owl painting while tripping on acid and watching 'Twin Peaks'.

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