" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 8, 2018

Synchronicity, 42 and Owls?

Sarah Sentilles walking into #42 last
Thursday for her book talk
Last Thursday I attended a book talk by Sarah Sentilles at the above house at 42 Mollison Street at West End in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
You can listen to that talk if you want by clicking on the link below -
Sarah Sentilles 'Draw Your Weapons'
I really enjoyed this talk, but never would have wound up at this talk if it wasn't for a series of coincidences that seemed to come full circle on the night, a bit like those falling dominoes above.
I've noticed this about the phenomena of synchronicity before, that one coincidence leads to another and another and another, leading you to a path you never would have gone down on your own.
It all started when I saw this owl video below that Mike Clelland had posted at his 'Hidden Experience' blog, which I don't hang around that much anymore ... well until he posted the owl video anyway ... although I don't know why I bother, since getting a reply to my comments at Mike's blog site is like getting blood from stone.
"Synchronicity is the face of a deeper level of inter-connectivity" Tony Vigorito
Mike's comments in his blog post about the Phi looking object reminded me of Chris Mackey's sculpture at his practice in Geelong with Chris's practice also being at a #42 street number.
The sculpture in the garden
Chris Mackey's practice
I then went to Chris Mackey's website and found he had posted a series of podcasts I had never listened to before.
In one of those podcasts Chris mentioned how Dr. Bernie Beitman had a radio show where Bernie claimed to have the only radio show in the world on synchronicity, so I thought I should e-mail Bernie and tell him about these podcasts of Chris's so he could have a chuckle, plus I thought Chris would make a good guest to have on Bernie's show.
Bernie e-mailed me back telling me that he had Chris booked for the 22nd of February, 2018.
In that podcast Chris talks to Bernie about how his practice being at #42 he sees as a significant synchronicity to him.
While binge listening to Dr. Beitman's podcasts I came across one where he interviewed a guy who had written a book about synchronicity from my hometown of Brisbane, named Laurence Browne, who I hadn't heard of either.
The Many Faces of COINcidence?
Not just any old number take notice, but #42
Now, I had never heard of Sarah Sentilles or her book before seeing that there was a talk happening in a house that I was curious about having a look in.
It reminded me of the house out of the movie 'UP' -
The house out of the movie 'UP'
What's Up at #42?
Had this talk been held at the Avid Reader bookstore I wouldn't have gone along, because it was the house I was interested in seeing, not so much the talk.
This house has always fascinated me, because the previous owners refused to sell to the developers who wanted to buy the house and knock it down.
So, the developers built around them.
42 Mollison Street
Kind of reminded me of the scene out of the movie 'Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy' where the main character is trying to save his house from demolition.
This house I wrote about a year ago when I heard in the news that it had been sold for $1,400,000 to someone who was going to turn the house over to art students -
A Crow, Six Snails and an Ant
Douglas Adams, 42, 2001 and 237
Me UP in #42 looking out at a salmon?
Maybe I should grab
6 drinks
before the talk?-)
Then again looking at that clock,
I'd better not:-)
Because the loo in the house
 seems so far away
Sarah Sentilles giving her talk
 in #
42 last Thursday night 
Now, here is the kicker with all of these synchronicities.
Page 42 of Sarah's book 'Draw Your Weapons'
Sarah hears an owl and writes
about it on page
You just couldn't make this stuff up if you tried, could you?


  1. That's crazy!!!!
    You must have got a real kick out that one :)

  2. I certainly did Explorer.
    But most synchronicities give me a kick and are often way more complex than any one post that I can write will convey, because ultimately they all feed off each other to a certain degree, which is why you will here people say "everything is connected", because it all is, even the mundane everyday things of life.
    A lot of times we just don't see the magic for the trees.
    Sorry about that last line, but I'm re-watching the whole of 'Twin Peaks' at the moment.

  3. And I must say that page 42 is the only page I have fully read of Sarah's book so far.
    It was just a whim I got to see what was on page 42 of 'Draw Your Weapons' when all these 42 numbers were flying around in the other synchronicities mentioned.
    Boy did my jaw drop when I saw Sarah had mentioned owls on that page.
    I also noticed that Sarah now lives in Idaho, which is where Mike Clelland lived when he started his owl blog and book.

  4. Incredible!! This is the kind of stuff you really can't make up and bgs the question: how is all this orchestrated? Great post, Daz.