" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 30, 2018

Russell Crowe and 'The Art of Divorce'?

I think Russell may have viewed the movie
'Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things' recently by the looks of the "garage sale" he is putting on to de-clutter his life, both physically and mentally?
Minimalising Mental-clutter?
The Art of Divorce?
I know where you're coming from Russ, having gone through it recently myself.
The fact is that you never really "get through it", because you will always be going through it for the rest of your life to some degree, especially when kids are involved.
The best thing I ever did after my divorce was to throw the wedding ring I had worn loyally for nearly 25 years into the ocean at Byron Bay.
If you still have your old wedding ring Russ then I would highly recommend you do it.
And you might want to think about getting rid of that team of yours in the "garage sale", too;-)
Nightmare for Russell?
Russell Crowe: The Art of Divorce
Cheers...and "GO THE SHARKIES!!!".
In hindsight, it's kind of ironic that when I wrote that 
Nightmare for Russell?
post back in 2012 that in 2014 the Rabbitohs would beat the Bulldogs in the 2014 grand final and that the Sharks would beat the Storm in the 2016 grand final to win their first ever NRL grand final and that today the only two games are the Rabbitohs vs the Bulldogs (in the Year of the Dog, too;-) and the Sharks vs the Storm.
And on the subject of dogs, I saw the above story in a March 19th Queensland paper about indigenous Rabbitohs star player
Greg Inglis copping racial abuse from a Penrith Panthers fan at a recent game between the Panthers and the Rabbitohs.  
Kind of ironic when I see that the Penrith Panthers were founded on American Independence Day, 1966 and that 'The Black Panthers' were an African-American terrorist group founded the same year, too.
In fact, I just listened to one of Oprah's 'Super Soul Sunday' podcasts where Oprah interviews actor Yara Shahidi and Yara mentions that her mother's father was a Black Panther.
So while it is disheartening to hear of vile racist football supporters yelling out stuff like this at a football game (and I'm sure every club has them), it is heartening to hear young actresses like Yara trying to bridge the gap when it comes to racism...which to be honest will always be around on this planet.
And on a more heartwarming note, in the same paper of March 19th, 2018 I saw this story about Bindi Irwin's engagement, where Russell Crowe is mentioned -
"It was retweeted by Bindi and long-time friend Russell Crowe."
But whatever you do Bindi, don't have an owl named Bobby deliver your wedding rings on the day;-)
The Owls Aren't What They Seem: A Message From BOB Perhaps?
Right Mike?-)
"Too right, Daz";-)
And don't point your finger like that Mike, as it will attract owls.
"MIKE is a character in the TV series Twin Peaks, portrayed by
Al Strobel.
MIKE is an inhabiting spirit similar to the primary villain of the series, BOB, who was his partner in serial murder.
After committing several rape/murders with BOB, MIKE had a religious epiphany and repented, cutting off his own arm to rid himself of a tattoo that read "Fire Walk With Me", which symbolized being touched by "The devilish one".
BOB had an identical tattoo on his arm.
BOB, however, would not repent.
MIKE has spent years trying to find and stop BOB.
In contrast with BOB, MIKE only ever appears in the visual form of his host, traveling shoe salesman Phillip Michael Gerard.
Gerard lost his arm in a car accident.
He also had a tattoo of the word "mom" on his arm."

UPDATE: 30th March, 2018
Looks like it was a happy Easter for both of our clubs on Good Friday, Russ.

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