" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 26, 2024

Frost and the Art of Food Consumption and Art?πŸ”πŸŽ¨πŸŽ­

That's a BIG MAC?!
When I saw that McDonalds in Australia were introducing an Adult Happy Meal to their menu last February, I was curious as to why people would buy them ... so I bought one ... and ended up with the "toy" that I didn't want to get.
McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals
Have Arrived in Australia
Not that I had any idea of who 
Kerwin Frost was at the time.
So, I looked him up through Wikipedia and was surprised to see that Kerwin shared a birthday with Carl Jung and Stanley Kubrick.
I didn't worry too much about getting the lame Darla "toy", as I thought I had a few months to try and get the Kerwin figure.
Afterall, 1 chance in 6 are Russian Roulette odds of shooting yourself in the head.
And I've already tried once (to get a toy, not shoot myself), so how hard could it be to get a KF "toy" eventually?
The next visit when I asked for an Adult Happy Meal at the Drive Thru, I was told they didn't have any, because they were SOLD OUT.
I started thinking that when it came to artists, maybe Kerwin was a sell-out?-)
I asked when they were getting more in and was told that's it, GAME OVER.
Can't say that I was happy:-)
Ironically, the first time I got an Adult Happy Meal was coming back from the Logan Art Gallery after seeing the exhibition that was on there at the time.
Which was probably why I wanted to check out Kerwin's pop art on the way home, while getting something to eat
What is it with portraits?
Portraits bore me, even though I admire people who can paint or draw them, as I can't ... or don't think I could, even though I have never tried to.
I prefer trippy art to portraits any day of the week.
The second time I tried getting an Adult Happy Meal was when I was heading home from work and then heading out to my youngest son's place to watch the first Brisbane Lions game of the season on his TV, because we couldn't get tickets to the Gabba, as the match was SOLD OUT.
Seems to be a theme running through this post, do you reckon?-)
He is coming over to my place to watch the Brisbane Lions/Collingwood Magpies game Thursday night and I'm paying for pizza ... not McDonalds:-)
And I'm hoping to turn my frown upside down with the Lions first win of the season:-)
One group of losing fans will not be happy after the game on Thursday night, since both teams are winless since meeting in last year's GF, which I'm still not happy about losing:-(
Maybe McDonalds should get Ben Frost to make some art for their Australian Adult Happy Meals?-)

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