" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 9, 2011

PAY ATTENTION!!! ... 77 from "Synchronicity and the Other Side"

I remember the day I was up the top of the Q1 building looking at the floor indicator for the elevator and a thought came into my mind to snap a photo of the 77 on the wall, and then my rational side thought, "why would I want a photo of that, it's plain to everybody that the Q1 has 77 floors?"
And then a thought replied back,"because it's like the digital clock numerals that flash 11:11 at you all the time telling you to wake up and pay attention! Just take it, and later you will be glad you did.". 
So, I thought,"why not. I can always delete it later, if it is of no use.".
I wrote a post about it becoming significant synchronistically to me later here;
Seventy-Seven Sync 
But I was stunned recently when I read page 77 of 
Synchronicity and the Other Side.
The whole page seemed to be harking back to this feeling I had to take this photo, because it may come into play in a synchronistic way further down the track.
You can purchase the book here on Kindle, or regular book form;
 Synchronicity and the Other Side
 I've e-mailed Trish MacGregor and asked for her permission to quote the whole of page 77 for this post and she said that I could, so here it is, and I think it is very relevant, too;
by Trish & Rob MacGregor
"Sometimes an event screams "Pay attention, this is important!"
It's as if the universe is addressing you through signs and symbols.
The more unusual the event, the more closely you should look at it and consider it's meaning.
A coincidence is something that you shrug off.
A synchronicity is a coincidence with a message, one that alerts you to a situation, raises your awareness, possibly of something momentous.
The next time some seemingly random event occurs - like a book falling off a shelf at your feet - don't dismiss it as meaningless.
If you follow through by picking up the book and paging through it, you could be taking your first step into a magnificent adventure!
Signs and Symbols in Your Life
Think of a time when your own life was in transition - 
not necessarily because of a death, 
but due to circumstances like a move, marriage, or divorce - any major event.
What signs and symbols did you notice? 
What kinds of meaningful coincidences occurred? 
Jot down whatever you can remember.
If you keep a dream journal, look through it to see if any of the signs and symbols you recall from your recent dreams are repeated in your waking life (see sidebar on "Your Synchronicity Journal" for more information on how to record these experiences).
Quite often, there are repetitions.
Those symbols are especially meaningful and may surface when a death is approaching.
They may appear in your dreams as well as your waking life as synchronicities.
Major transitions are important symbolically precisely because they mark a shift from one way of being and living to another.
They often mirror other events in our lives."
Thanks again to Trish for giving me permission to reproduce page 77 in full.
It's a great book, so far (I'm up to page 161 at the moment
 "From the Inside Out"...well there's those two words again - 
Inside Out ...will the synchros ever end???).
It's heading for a five star review from me at the moment.
My advice is grab a copy because it could just be the change you're looking for.
;- )
UPDATE: 10/8/2011
 I received this e-mail overnight, 
"Ocean of Dharma -Quotes of the Week" which I subscribe to, 
from Shambhala Publications.
And keeping the above post in mind, this could be another wink from the universe.
I've highlighted the syncs between this e-mail and the above post in red.
Here it is;
August 9, 2011
In the practice of meditation, if there is a temptation to stop paying attention, you bring yourself back. 
It’s like herding a group of cows who would like to cross the fence into the neighbor’s field. 
You have to push them back, 
but you do it with a certain sense of enjoyment.
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Taken from -
“Aloneness and the Virtues of the Higher Realms,” in Great Eastern Sun: The Wisdom of Shambhala, page 157

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