" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 24, 2011

Be Willing to be Amused

The symbol of the white feather could also represent a message from the universe to be willing to be amused as this passage from 
 The Intuitive Way points out;
"Every irritating or boring situation can turn funny without warning.
If you can find a way to prompt a chuckle out of your experience or tickle yourself when you're in the midst of being dead serious, the feminine mind can break through with an intuitive revelation.
Once when I was morose and having a difficult time finding the way out of my bogged-down feelings, I turned the corner I pass every day.
As I sped around the bend, in my peripheral vision I saw a man juggling an armload of black "sticks" that were poking into the air and waving wildly.
It was an unexpected image that popped a hole through my mood.
As I looked more closely, I saw that the man held his black Labrador retriever, upside down, cradling and cuddling her lovingly.
Their wiggly giddiness rushed into me, and I broke out laughing.
I had been touched by a"real moment".
Within seconds I could feel my heart again.
When you're inventorying your environment, especially when you're looking for entertainment, even the way a housefly washes it's face or a mockingbird brashly rattles off it's repertoire of songs or a checkout clerk talks to himself as he works can be the source of a small, private pleasure."
"Laughter is the best medicine", it is said.
So, the white feather could also be a sign to lighten up a little and smile at life, and see the little amusing things that can make the tragedies of life a little easier to take.
I know if the only way I was able to communicate as a spiritual being was to throw down a white feather, then that would be the message in a nutshell.


  1. Now here's a nice white feather synchro. Today I was going to go to the gym and decided to go swimming instead. As I got into the pool, I found two white feathers floating on the surface of the water. Have no icea where they came from. No white birds in our yard,no white pigeons around here.

    Lighten up. Hmm. I like that. Thanks for posting, Daz!

  2. Me too! Nanna leaves them for me, most often on mats. I went to daycare yesterday and my littlest was fussing so much, i had to take her outside, as she was disturbing storytime. As we went out the door, there on the mat was a single white feather. "Thanks, Nan."