" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 25, 2011

Blue Cars Too

I had a very vivid dream a few weeks after my father-in-law's death, where I was being pushed up a hill in a pale sky blue peddle car by him, but I was an adult like I am now, and I had to sit on the boot, with my legs astride the doors. 
As I was too big to sit inside it.
He pushed me up the hill, and then I coasted down the hill by myself, and into a house, which in the dream I believed to be mine and my family's.
I wanted to buy some sort of model car to place on my desk, so I would not forget that strange life like dream.
The best models I could find to represent the approximate colour of the body and wheels were these cars pictured below.
Body colour very close to dream car,
plus it has silver wheels
This is how I was sitting on the car in the dream
The best picture I can find of the dream car is the one above.
Type of wheels, colour of wheels, shape and style of car.
But there was no number, and the colour was more the colour of the Ford Thunderbird pictured further u above.
If this was a peddle car and the wheels
were silver this would be it.
This dream image has taunted me since I've had that very realistic dream months ago.
So, I know there was a message for me ... I just have to work it out.
Anyway, why I'm bringing this up again was because I was out grocery shopping a few weeks ago and came across the new car from the movie Cars 2 named Finn McMissile.
Finn McMissile (pictured here)
is very close to the dream car's colours
Everybody who had seen this movie was telling me how good it was, and these guys were grown-ups.
So, the Tuesday after I got back from 
the Byron Bay Writers Festival, I went and saw it.
The first Cars movie I saw when it came out and I liked it (probably because George Carlin voiced the Kombie Van in that one), but this one to me was way better.
When you press the orange button on the Finn McMissile toy car it either says,"Finn McMissile, British intelligence", or  
"Time is of the essence", in the voice of Michael Caine.
Plus, the hood pops up and shines a blue light forwards.
Which was strange to me, because the first thing I bought after my dream was this Monopoly styled silver car key-ring that shone a blue light out when you pressed the button (see the picture two down).
"Time is of the essence!"
There is also a blue forklift called Guido in the movie and with me being a forklift-driver, that also makes for strange coincidences.
 Having just read a book called  
The Man Who Drove With His Eyes Closed  by a British guy who calls himself , "The Barefoot Doctor" (British intelligence?) and speaks a little bit like Michael Caine, is also another one of those strange coincidences.
And Michael Caine's voice must be flavour of the month, because  
Mel Gibson's character in the movie The Beaver  uses a very  
Michael Caine type voice to speak as the Beaver's voice in that movie (great movie, by the way).
Plus, Mel plays an executive of a toy company in the movie.
And in this movie that I saw on Sunday called The Trip, the two actors try to outdo each other by impersonating Michael Caine.
They also talk about Mel Gibson running down the valley with his Braveheart face, if my memory is correct? 
It's also odd that the number-plate on Finn McMissile is 314 FMCM, which the movie-makers claim is a reference to Michael Caine's birth-date of March 14th.
But 3.14 is also Pi ... or an inFINate number, or 8 (3+1+4 = 8) on it's side.
My numberplate containing
infinity symbols
It's also claimed that Finn McMissile is a stylized Aston Martin DB5
James Bond's trademark vehicle. 
The high-performance DB5 Vantage was introduced in 1964
This engine produced 314 hp (234 kW)
Only 65 DB5 Vantage coupΓ©s were built.
DB just happens to be my initials and 1964 is the year I was born ... another coincidence for me to ponder.
There is also a car named Mater, as in To-mater.
You say Tomater, I say Tomato;-)
Now, when it comes to synchronicities, one thing is for sure
"time is of the essence".
More puzzle pieces for me to play with?


  1. Very interesting Darren. Your Blog is like no other!

  2. Cars definitely seems to be the theme here...and possibly a trip for you?

    Duuude! The movie trailer for The Trip was a real trip!! Hilarious!!! I'm going to have to add this one to my movie queue.
    You should request an invite to have a good vibe on movies to share. I always feel when I suggest movies to others...that I'm in some way influencing people to become open-minded through movies that will bring about a positive change in the world. You absolutely have this going for you as well.
    If you don't log on to myzeus and get an invite and would like one send me an email address and I can get one to you....I know...I'm shamelessly promoting my son's website. It has become my new movie library.
    Cars is another movie I'll have to consider...never thought of it as a movie for adults...thought it was a kid movie.
    Hope you're having a swell Tuesday.