" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 7, 2011

Artworks Scattered Around The Byron Bay Writers Festival Venue

Disco Ball Heart. 
I Feel Love, maybe?-)
The first thing I noticed about the venue (apart from the big white tents) were all the pieces of art scattered around the place. 
I took photos of all the pieces that appealed to me, which was most of them.
Unfortunately, I didn't record the official names of the artworks, sorry.
Here they are in no particular order (click on the photo to make it bigger).
They are books in the garden bed.
From little things big things grow?-)
Just an umbrella and a pair of boots ...
clever illusion?
Don't worry it's meant to be the
Byron Lighthouse ... I think;-)
Taking shelter in some books?
Over that hill is the beach,
which I will show in following posts
But here's a preview of what lies past the top of that hill.
It gets much better
I love the butterflies on the head
If you want the bird above,
there's the price tag
What sort of bird is that???
These were artworks which were for sale ...
but I love them anyway

Well, that's about all the photos that I took of the art works, even though there were a lot more works of art around the place.
Although the last picture I took, as I was leaving to go back to Brisbane ... just after returning from a walk on the beach, over the top of that hill I was referring to earlier was one I consider to be nature's work of art.
I've just realized that I may have accidentally
an orb, or is it just light?


  1. An orb with wings!!! Awesome photos. The last one is spectacular. Also the path to the water front another fave. And if you get a closer look at the photo with the cat tails it seems you've captured a bit of light in a very dark area in the the upper left.
    Some interesting art pieces here...not sure what to make of the metal sculpture.

  2. I'll do a post to show you all the photos I took on that beach,It is my most favourite place in the world,Byron Bay (not that I have done much traveling,but I don't feel the need to,either).
    Let's hope BP doesn't have an oil rig out over that horizon .-)