" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 1, 2011

Inside Out (Part 1)

I wrote about my synchronicity that prompted me to buy the above magazine here;
The Green Frog With The Red Eyes
I'm also reading this book at the moment, The Intuitive Way by Penney Peirce, slowly working my way through it, while doing the exercises.
And a thought occurred to me that I should follow any sychronicities involving white feathers, not that I have ever been a big spotter or noticer of white feathers before.
So, I start flicking through the first story in the magazine and see this picture of some porcelain white feathers, so I think maybe I should read this story?
It's about a lady named Chelsea de Luca from my hometown Brisbane, who makes jewelry for some very high profile clients around the world.
Speaking of profile, you can check out her profile here, if  you like;
 I like the part in her profile that says, "Damien Woolnough of also a fan having described being "dazzled" (Daz?) by Chelsea's latest collection";-)
It starts off by saying that she has a jewelry store in Fortitude Valley (a suburb of Brisbane that my wife also works in), then they go on a tour of her house (which is where the white feathers are, in the photo above).
There is also this photo of a picture hanging on her wall of a man holding a cock in his hands. 
Man holding cock in hands?-)
Maybe not what you had in mind, but the rooster reminds me of Abraxas and of my favourite bookshop by the same name in 
Byron Bay.
Not to mention my coffee cup which I drink out of most mornings upon rising.
Although, on closer inspection of the image on Chelsea's wall, the guy may just be holding a hen in his hands, and not a cock?
It still makes me think of the Abraxas connection anyhow.
The white feathers are on that dining table, as well.
And Chelsea admits on the opposite page to the photo that she has a bird fetish at the moment.
She also says the Gallery of Modern Art is another favourite stopover of hers.
The BrizVegas sign on my oldest post on this blog is right outside the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane and is where I derived my Brizdaz name from, BrizVegas (Brisbane)+ Daz (Darren) = Brizdaz.
Sign Outside the Gallery of Modern Art
 Other synchs Chelsea mentions in the story, which are things I've also commented here on this blog in the past are; she is currently re-reading The Great Gatsby, she is inspired by birds -
"I have an obsession with them right now", her husband's name is Paul, the bar Hemingway at the Ritz in Paris, and she says she would like to have a cabin in Bangalow (New South Wales), which is a hilltop town not far from Byron Bay, which holds an annual soap box derby where the participants sit in home made race cars and have to coast down the main street.
It's also a town I have often said that I would love to live in ... unfortunately my wife does not share this point of view:-( 
There is also a picture of her in a shop called 'Harveys' which synchromystically relates to the Harvey Norman store in the original post about this magazine and the green tree frog.
Two different stores, by the way.
You can tour Chelsea's home at this link, if you would like to see more photos of her house;,15725
And what story on synchronicity would be complete without butterflies?-)

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