" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 15, 2011

The Sledgehammer of Synchronious Events in Life

Whenever you get those sychronicities that seem to hit you over the head like a sledgehammer, It's my experience that you better start paying attention to the signs and circumstances surrounding the "coincidence" that just occurred in your life.
Many times these are major forks in your life's path, not to say that you won't get another opportunity a bit further along, but usually you were thrown a major piece of the puzzle to your reason for being here.
And it is usually a cosmic slap in the face telling you to wake up.
Yesterday my youngest son was filming a clay animation video as a high school assignment and I told him how most of
Peter Gabriel's old music clips were a combination of claymation  and live action and stop motion.
So as he was working on our dining table I went and blew the dust off my Peter Gabriel's Play: The Videos best of DVD.
I put on Digging in the Dirt, but that didn't seem to impress him much, so I thought I would try one he may of heard on the radio at some point - Sledgehammer.
That didn't seem to get much of a reaction so I thought I would just have a look at them myself since I hadn't watched them for a while.
I watched Games Without Frontiers, Big Time, Don't Give Up,  
Shock the Monkey, Steam and by the time I was going to hit play on Solsbury Hill he was turning on his Bayside CD on and trying to drown me out of the family room.
So, I just gave up, maybe one day he'll see the esoteric wisdom in those clips for himself.
I wish I had have paid more attention to Pete's music video's years ago.
I did play his songs quite a bit years ago, but when I watch his music videos I see just what a great artist he was back then.
If anyone out there appreciates spiritual art that truly makes you think, then grab a copy of this DVD, sit down every now and then and give it a viewing.
If I never had the synchronicity of burying my cat to his song Digging in the Dirt I doubt if I ever would have paid much attention to his music either, apart from tapping my foot to some of his tunes as they played through the speakers. 

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  1. The messages in music are huge. If we pay attention it is possible to avoid psychic sledgehammers. I'd recommend that route - but few will take it. :D

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