" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 21, 2011

White Feathers

Bookmark with wave/white feather on it
and tag off my feather pillow.
The white feather has become a symbol to me to follow my intuition, and whenever it comes up in my life it seems to confirm to me that I'm on the right track. 
Ever since I picked up and started reading The Intuitive Way by Penney Pierce, the white feather as a sign has been popping up quite a bit.
For example, the magnetic bookmark pictured above with the wave rolling in under a full moon, I purchased from the  
Byron Bay Writers Festival, because I thought the wave looked like a white feather which reminded me of The Intuitive Way cover, and to ride the wave of intuition to see where it takes you to.
Barry Eaton (far left) hosting a talk
at the
Writers Festival, Byron Bay
At the Festival I met Barry Eaton and bought his book Afterlife which tells of his memories of his last life as a British soldier killed in the battle of Somme, in France during WW1 and the memories of his preparation to come back as Barry Eaton in this life, which he is living now.
In the book Barry describes his life this time, like riding a serendipitous intuitive wave.
I also met Brendan Cowell and bought his latest book called,  
How It Feels.
His latest movie is about WW1 Australian miners who go to France to dig tunnels under the German trenches. 
It is called Beneath Hill 60, but what struck me was a scene in the movie where Brendon empties a tin of white feathers onto a dining table, explaining that so many white feathers were sent to him as a sign of cowardice for not enlisting, that he could fill a pillow with them, if he wanted to.
Photo of white porcelain feathers
 from Inside Out magazine.
And the last talk I attended at the Festival involved the author  Maria V Snyder, who had a book titled Inside Out.


  1. I found three small white feathers near where I sit every morning when I take my dogs out. At first I thought of them as symbols that i was being visited by my mom, aunt, and uncle who were all close to each other and are now gone. But this puts quite a different spin on it. If I'm on the right path...why 3 feathers? hmmm I used to visit Penney Pierce's blog but have lost the site address as of late...must get back to that site. Thanks for the informative and interesting post. And also...thanks for the address to A fanciful twist...I enjoyed it, and I'll be visiting there often.
    Hope your weekend is the best!

  2. Three is a very important esoteric number,I'm always seeing 3 crows flying together,which I find strange,but I am yet to find any real white feathers 'just appearing' in my life.Although,I'm keeping my eyes wide open.
    I thought you would like Vanessa's blog,she is a very talented lady indeed.
    I read a chapter in "The Intuitive Way" that relates to my walk along the beach,which I will post soon.

    My weekend (and 2 and 1/2 week holiday) has come to an end,and now it's back to work for me,as it's Monday on this side of the world,but my weekend was a good one,thanks Karena.

  3. This IS an interesting take on white feathers. Maybe it's an archetypal symbol that we each interpret in our own ways. For Karena, perhaps it's not only spirit communication, but 3 opportunities approaching?

    Daz - the walk along the beach when you saw the orbs?? Do you have more pics? Those were pretty extraordinary.

  4. There's only the three that I mentioned,I think I sent those three to you in the last e-mail I sent,but I can resend them if you want?