" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 8, 2011

The Path to the Shore (Byron Bay)

Let's take a walk along the beach, shall we?
These are the beach shots I took after my meeting with Marcus at about 4:24 pm;-) ... well it was around that time, I don't know for sure, because I didn't think to look at my watch, but it was about 4:15 to 4:30 pm ... It's the walk I took after our meeting ... I just had to see where that path led to ... and I'm glad I did, even though I filled my shoes with sand (much to my wife's annoyance when I got home, and didn't shake enough of the sand out of my boots ... I thought I got it all out, but sand has a way of hiding in the cracks ... just ask any nudist;-)
That's Julian Rocks on the horizon
Go here to see the marine life which swims out there;
That's Cape Byron Australia's most easterly point
The Cape Byron Lighthouse is on the point above.
Go here to see the pictures I took of my tour to the top of it -
Guiding Higher Light
Julian Rocks again
Looking towards the Queensland border
(where I live)
A shot looking towards Brisbane
(100 miles down the road)
Towards Cape Byron or Sydney ...
 take your pick
Similar shot to the one above
Cape Byron in the setting sunlight.
The lighthouse will be on soon.
Time to head back to the Writers Festival
and say good-bye until next year
Back down the path to the festival
as the sun sets over
Great memories, I was glad I went.
Some things
are priceless.
I've just noticed these two photos
I took contain
orbs, as well
Maybe it's just the sun, but I felt the presence
of a spirit walking with me
I hadn't noticed the orbs until uploading these pics.
It was only because I had expanded them to full screen while selecting them that made me take note. 
I'm not really into orbs that much, but I have never seen them in any of my cell phone camera pictures before ... but then I have never taken pictures when I felt a spirit was walking with me either. 
Tricks of light ... or a spirit?
Having had an out of body experience around 11 years of age, if you had of asked me what my consciousness felt like or would have looked like if it was possible to record an image ... then you are looking at it in that bottom photo.
Trick of light or not, that is a great representation of how I imagined I would have looked, if someone could have seen me and snapped a photo.
When you have one ... and you will (you may not come back to tell about it though), you'll see what I'm talking about here.


  1. I had a funny experience a few months back. My good friend Christian, was showing me how to catch orbs on the digital, and I was scoffing loudly.....VERY loudly. I aimed the camera where I could feel energy and ended up with a screen full! Had to eat humble pie. :/

    Oh, and I am sure you meant to say Newcastle, not Sydney, right? :)

  2. After Newcastle beating my team 18-0
    a few weeks ago at Cronulla,that's the last place I would be pointing to,and notice that I didn't mention the Gold Coast either,but I had to mention bloody Brisbane,because I live there...I hope the Sharks can beat at least one more team by the end of the season .-)

  3. And Nat,
    they are the first orbs I have ever seen in any pictures I have taken with that phone camera,and I would have just shrugged them off as light,but if you enlarge the photos by clicking on them you will see that they do appear to be round.
    I must say I am still not totally convinced that it isn't just a trick of the sun,but I did have a feeling there was a familiar spirit by my side on the day.And out of three shots of the sunset I got three orbs,that's three out of three.And I was only taking those pictures because a thought came into my head that I should take three shots in case one or two didn't turn out.
    It was a strange weekend,but in a very good way.

  4. Oh I'd say these are orbs for sure. It's easy to pass off as a trick of the light...but I've seen orbs 2 times with my own eyes without the use of a camera...and that looks to be an orb. But who knows. I saw mine indoors. Not outside....and I've had an incident where family gathered for a family picture in my house...some 25 people together. Each person taking the photos captured orbs among the family group, and all using completely different cameras. Some of the orbs were nearly in the same spots...and some moved slightly. Everyone was amazed, and we felt that some of our loved ones that were not with us anymore got a chance to join in the family celebration...and everyone had the same sense, and among them were some real skeptics. The pictures proved the skeptics a challenge. Even the pictures from 35 mm non digital cameras, and some throw away type cameras captured the orbs. I definitely think there is something to it. In my area we have a woman who teaches how to go out and capture on camera...both orbs and spirits. So what you have here just might be the real deal. Amazing!! An again...beautiful country. If it wasn't so far to travel to from Chicago...this place would be on my bucket list!