" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 20, 2018

Being Here NOW in the Year of the Dog?

I've only ever read one ET book and that was 'The Power of Now'.
Do You Ever Wonder What Eckhart Tolle is Doing Now?
ET with ET's book. iPhone therefore I am?
But I just listened to Oprah's interview with Eckhart Tolle about his book 'A New Earth' and I think what he says is true and that in 2018 we truly are at a tipping point, or crossroads in this "dog eat dog" world.
Which is ironic, because ET's birthday falls this year on the 16th of February, which just happens to be the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog.
I've written about my gut feeling of what I think 2018 means to me in this post -
2018 and that Sinking/Synching Feeling?
And nothing has changed in my mind about that feeling of the world and me dog paddling our way through 2018 to who knows what in 2019?
I find it interesting how Oprah starts off the interview with ET by talking about, "this undercurrent of pain, that seems to be showing up in front of ourselves".
We're all like frogs in a slowly boiling pot at the moment that don't realize the temperature is slowly rising while we wait hoping for the temperature to go back down, while we do nothing to make it go down.
Things haven't started off too good in Tibet for the Year of the Dog, by the looks, either -
Main chapel unaffected by weekend fire at Tibetan monastery
"DHARMSALA, India (AP) - A weekend fire at the sprawling Jokhang monastery in Tibet did not affect the main chapel at the 1,300-year-old religious site, considered the spiritual heart of Tibetan Buddhism, the self-declared Tibetan government-in-exile said Monday.
The main
Jokhang chapel houses many Tibetan cultural treasures, including the Jowo Sakyamuni, a life-sized statue of the 12-year-old Buddha.
Video on Chinese social media showed a roof in the monastery complex hit by large flames that were visible from hundreds of meters
(yards) away.

Saturday's fire occurred when many Tibetans were celebrating Losar, the New Year festival that began Friday.
No injuries were reported from the blaze.
The cause of the fire remained unknown.
Lobsang Sangay, the prime minister of the government-in-exile, who is currently visiting Japan, expressed relief that the fire did not affect the
Jokhang chapel.
But he cautioned Tibetans in Tibet to remain alert at large public gatherings, especially during occasions such as Losar, according to a statement by the government-in-exile.
It's mandatory to have adequate safety measures put in place at holy sites such as Jokhang, Sangay said.

Rituals Without DOGma?
A new world is a bit hard to reach if we don't save the old world we are NOW living in, I think.

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