" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 27, 2018


I was listening to the podcast in the You Tube above yesterday -
Have You Been a SYNCHRONICITY Magnet Lately? This Might Explain Why! (February 2018)
And I'm not trying to knock it, because I like what Alexis is saying, it's just that I find the term "synchronicity magnet" kind of repulsive (pardon the pun).
The thing with magnets is that only the opposite ends of a magnet attract each other, so positive attracts negative and vice versa.
I know that in my social circles I don't want to attract opposites, I want likeminded people in my life mostly.
Not to say that they can't have opposing views to mine, but totally opposite views to mine will just repel me away from them.
I also believe that we don't create synchronicities and that in the long run they create us.
Think about it, if I travel to say London and go into a bookstore then run into a guy who lived in the street I grew up in who just happens to be on a trip to London, as well, did I make that happen, or did he?
Then let's say a book falls out of the bookshelf and I pick it up and it's the book I just happen to be after, did I make that happen?
My theory is that if it wasn't all just a big coincidence then a third force was involved here. 
Call it God/Fate/The Universe/Whatever, but it's the third force that is orchestrating events here.
People talk about GPS (God's Positioning System) and to me that sounds right, because in GPS you need triangulation for it to work.
I believe that it is the third force that creates synchronicities in the world, so if by some chance you and I run into each other in some WTF(?) kind of way, it won't be because of either one of us and our intentions, it will be because of that third mysterious force calling the shots.
That's what I believe anyway ... but I'm just on my own little journey through life.
But the magnet analogy is a good way of thinking about synchronicity, because not all of the events that come into our lives are positive in the long run ... and vice versa.
Still, the best position to be in is a positive position when it comes to life, because life will throw negatives at us from time to time, and being positive will be a big plus for us in the battle with negative energy ... pun intended:-)
I'm sure Kevin Smith will tell you that, too, now.
Filmmaker Kevin Smith says he's lucky to be 'above ground' after heart attack
I guess you have to wonder if a third force wasn't involved in saving Kev's life there?-)

UPDATE: February 26th, 2019
The English neighbours from
Stanbury in Byron Bay
The Small World Theory Proves Itself Once Again?

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