" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 4, 2018

The Many Faces of COINcidence?

The faces of COINcidences and chance?-)
By a series of coincidences - 
I eventually came across a podcast of Dr. Bernie Beitman's where he talks to a guy from my hometown of Brisbane named Laurence Browne, who I had never heard of before, about Laurence Browne's book 'The Many Faces of Coincidence'.
After listening to Dr. Beitman's podcast, I did an internet search for Laurence Browne and found the above talk given by Laurence at the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, which was an institute I wasn't aware of either, even through I live in Australia and have interests that the institute cover.
I even watched the above video of Dr. Lance Storm (who I had not heard of before either) giving a talk after Laurence at the same event called 'Synchronicity vs. Coincidence'.
It covered a lot of ground that I was familiar with, but I still found it interesting.
I even watched this video above from the institute's website called, The Haunted Abductee: The Case of the Alien Implant, the Missing Foetus, the Haunted House, and the Psychic Multiverse
by Mr. Robb Tilley and Mr. Bill Chalker.

Which was interesting to say the least, as was this talk below about ghosts and hauntings.
While looking around the net I found a blog by Adam Williams who had a post about the book-launch of The Many Faces of Coincidence by Laurence Browne at the Avid Reader bookstore in the Brisbane suburb of West End.
I've never been into the Avid Reader bookstore, but my Nan lived and died in a house which used to be a few streets away from where the Avid Reader bookstore is.
The red cross marked on the map was where her house used to be, but the whole street has since become unrecognizable from my childhood memories as it has been redeveloped with modern high-rise apartments.
I wrote about the last time I visited the street where my Nan passed away and my father grew up in here -
A Crow, Six Snails and an Ant
After reading that post I find it ironic that I'm on a Vegetarian diet now, so snails are off my menu.
I'll have to make a trip to visit the Avid Reader bookstore and see if they have a copy of Laurence Browne's book on their shelves.
I might even attend a book launch night at the store if I see an author who draws my attention on some coincidental/synchronistic level.
In fact, I might call heads on that one right now?-)

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  1. I thank you for the links to podcasts which I really want to hear!