" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 10, 2018

The Dark Lord?

I don't believe in The Devil, Lucifer, Satan ... or whatever you want to call him anymore than I believe in Santa Claus, but I do believe that there are dark entities and malevolent spirits, just as I believe there are good and helpful spirits like angels, for lack of a better word.
The whole Christian concept of the Devil and eternal hell is as believable to me as Santa's castle and toyshop being located at the North Pole.
Having said that though, I'm sure there are hellish realms that arseholes might have to work their way through for being demonic jerks in their earthly life and to work off some bad karma, but I don't see that as something like the eternal hell religious people talk about.
I started reading Peter Levenda's 'The Dark Lord' recently and am finding it a rather thought provoking read.
Peter Levenda Talks About His Latest Book "The Dark Lord"
The story of the Devil
Interestingly enough I listened to the above podcast which aired on Australian national radio this week and I had just listened to it after listening to Freddy Silva talking about the same giant "fallen angels" who came down to mate with human females that Philip C. Almond mentions in 'The Story of the Devil' podcast.
42 Minutes with Freddy Silva?
I've had Peter's book 'The Dark Lord' on my bookshelf for a while, but hadn't got around to reading it until I read a post at the 'Synchrosecrets' blog where Peter had got together with Rob, Trish and Whitley for some new project.
Alchemy in Cassadaga
I decided after reading that blog post at the end of January to blow the dust off Pete's book and start reading it.
I like how Peter's book is published by Ibis Press, because like I wrote about in this post the ibis is associated with Thoth and writing -
The Last Book I Read Changed My Life and So Has Every Other Book I Have Read
On the last day of the writers festival two ibis birds flew in over the wooden festival sign and I snapped the above photo having a chuckle to myself because Thoth the ibis headed Egyptian god and is the god of writing, among other things.
Timing is everything in this world it seems ... unless the Devil made me read the book now that is, write, rite, right?-)

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