" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 7, 2018


Colin Hay's real life
"Colin's band, Men At Work, was one of the biggest acts of the 1980s.
Their first album shot the band to massive international fame, giving them two simultaneous number ones on the US charts, for album and single.
Along with Who Can It Be Now? and Overkill, another enduring hit for the band is the song, Down Under, a song now marked by a tragic legacy."

Colin Hay's real life
I listened to the above podcast last week where Sarah Kanowski interviewed Colin Hay about his life so far.
It brought back memories of the only time I saw Colin play, which was at the Woodford Folkfest back in 2011 just after I had seen Goyte rock the main stage on his way to making it to #1 on the US charts with his single 'Somebody That I Used to Know'.
Gotye Tops US Music Chart
The lead singer of Men at Work, Colin Hay was performing that night and I caught about 20 minutes of Colin's show while walking back from Goyte's performance venue and past Colin's tent and then on to the carpark to head home.
I couldn't help thinking at the time that Goyte's show was at the top of the Woodford venue's hill and here was a guy who was once flying high in the charts playing downhill from Goyte at the same time to a small tent that wasn't even full.
I thought at the time that if I was to come back in 20 years' time would I see Goyte playing this tent while the new big act was playing on the top of the Woodford hill?
On a tragic note though, Greg Ham from Men at Work, a band that hit number one position on the US charts with the song Downunder, in 1982, died the week Goyte's song hit #1 in the US.
Hay everywhere?-) (Men at Work) 
Even on the billboards of the street
I nearly got to see Colin Play again in 2015 in Byron Bay when I noticed a poster in the main street in Bangalow on Billycart Derby Day, which I wrote about in this post -
Hay seemed to be everywhere on the
streets at
Bangalow back in 2015
I wanted to go and see if I could still get tickets on the day, which I doubted, plus my brother was with me on the day and he didn't want to go as we were already going to see the new 'Mad Max: Fury Road' movie at 4:20pm, pretty much right across the road from where Colin was playing that night.
On the subject of 4:20 I have to ask why Colin's new song 'I'm Going to Get You Stoned' runs for four minutes and thirty-two seconds instead of running for 4:20 minutes?-)
I love that kangaroo on the cover of Colin's new album, as it reminds me of a kangaroo I met on my 2016 road-trip when I was staying in the town of Eden.
Panboola: Not Just for the Birds
I wasn't going to risk getting my ears ... or other tender parts ... boxed by a territorial roo, so I turned around and tried to find the part of the park reserved for chickens.
Oddly enough, while I didn't get to see Colin play in Byron Bay on May 17th, 2015, I did get to see and hear a Scottish pipe band play in the small cramped Bangalow pub that day.
Life really is a journey and not a destination, even when it does all seem to be going downhill fast:-)
 These guys had Amazing Grace while
walking down the steep incline ;-)
The faces of COLINcidences
The Many Faces of COINcidence?

UPDATE: 7th, February, 2018
I was just checking my blog stats for some reason, and I was thinking wouldn't it be funny if there was 420 hits on the 'Co(l)inidences' post right now, but I got a bigger shock when it had 424 hits and the 'The Many Faces of COINcidence?' post had 8 hits, as 424 was my father's old cab number and 8 was the number of the house he grew up in and that I mentioned in that posts with 8 hits.
Talk about a flippin' COINcidence.

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