" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 25, 2018

Hollywood Exorcist?

I had never heard of Rachel Stavis until I read this part of the post pictured above this morning at 'The Secret Sun' blog.
So, I did a net search and found the NPR podcast that seems to have started the media avalanche about Rachel's hobby -
Modern-day, non-denominational exorcist Rachel Stavis helps civilians, stars, studio heads
When I saw the photo of Rachel's guesthouse above from this link -
EXCLUSIVE: I've cast demons out of Oscar winners, politicians and movie bosses - The Exorcist is basically TRUE, says Hollywood's 'sister of darkness' as she shows DailyMailTV how she does it
I was amazed how much my home and her guesthouse had in common with similar decorations when I saw her Balinese mask on the wall.
My Balinese mask and shaman drum
Rachel's Jesus picture
Jesus picture on my living-room bookcase
All of these things and others around my home are there on an intuitive level to keep negative energy out of my home, even if it is just on a personal mental level to feel safe from whatever could be lurking in the ether.
My olive-wood Celtic Cross 
And I'm probably less into Christianity than Rachel is.
Since we had a similar taste in interior decorating, I decided to check out some podcasts Rachel was on -
Episode: Exorcist Rachel Stavis
'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark'
I like how Rachel said that she calls the low entities "Clives" based on Clive Barker drawings and that others look like the figures in 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' books.
A Clive Barker drawing
I'm not someone who believes in hell and I don't really like the word demon, I prefer the words evil entities.
I couldn't help thinking of the movie 'Odd Thomas' and the eerie death of Anton Yelchin -
The Deeply Odd Synchromystic Life and Death of Anton Yelchin
I can't help but think that maybe Rachel is what she claims to be ... an exorcist.


  1. I assume that she is what she claims to be. The interesting question is: what does an exorcist do, really?

    Quareia, the online course on magic, that you may or may not be familiar with, has a fair amount of stuff on exorcism, in case you are interested in the topic. Module 2 of the initiate level deals with it in great detail. However, if you aren't initiated in any system of magic, you won't be able to learn as much from it as if you are an initiate. And Quareia warns very clearly that they use their own method, so even if you are an initiate of other school of magic, you may not get all the nuances of what they are saying.

  2. I have no ambition of becoming an exorcist anymore than I have of becoming a Roman Catholic priest.
    I'll leave that stuff to the so called "experts" Maria.