" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 3, 2018

Time to Hand Out the Golden Phallus Again?

I just listened to the new TED (Third Eye Drops) talk on my iPad -
Mind Meld 98 |Hidden Symbols and Esoteric Epiphanies with Freemason and Author, Robert W. Sullivan IV
Released March 03, 2018
"Author and 32nd degree Freemason Robert W. Sullivan enters the mind meld to decipher the occulted protocols of culture, media and the mind."

And then I saw the news story above on the Australian ABC news website (no relation to the American ABC network) -
Osiris's phallus maybe
Harvey Weinstein 'casting couch' statue appears in Hollywood ahead of Oscars
Room 217?
Harvey Weinstein's 'Casting Couch' Appears in Los Angeles, Near Oscars Venue
To be honest I couldn't care less what they are handing out come Oscar night (no pun intended, but I'm sure that you thought there was;-), because I enjoy watching the Oscars and I'll be watching them live on Monday in Australia.
But maybe this year the Academy should be handing out golden pussies instead;-)
A night full of stars? Wheely?-)

Happy Valentine's Day :-)


  1. You might just have hit on it! Maybe the plan with all those accusations of sexual assault (that are quite common in the industry, I gather, and nobody was too vocal about them before) were just the prelude to some sort of fundamental change they wanted to do on the Oscar statue, to make it more gender-neutral and respectful of modern sensibilities.

  2. With all of the feminine energy taking centre stage in the movie industry right now it does seem like the days of handing out golden dicks are over. And while I was half joking about the golden pussies, there does seem to be some logic in a gender natural award on Oscar night.
    Maybe a pair of golden scissors?-)
    That's another tongue-in-cheek suggestion, which I got from watching Alejandro Jodorowsky's 'The Holy Mountain' the other day with the director's commentary on and where near the end of the film there was a castration scene where this guy was tied up on some altar and this actor playing some kind of Roman centurion type was meant to be cutting the balls off this other actor and Jodorowsky said this actor at the time was on acid and at the end of the scene where the actor is meant to hold the open scissors close to the actor's wein(stein)er; Jodorowsky yelled out "cut" and this bone-head actor thought the director was giving him a stage direction and nearly did cut the other actor's Oscar award off from its base :-)
    So maybe in these days of workplace health and safety the word "cut" should be replaced with some other less violent sounding word, as well?-)