" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 10, 2012

Andras Jones #88

I came across this podcast today, even though it was recorded nearly six months ago 
Podcast #88!?
(the podcast is in the You Tube at the top of this post, if you haven't already clicked on that clip).
Which is interesting, because coming home today I saw this 888 number plate at the lights, so I snapped a photo.
As a kid I had a pedal car with an 888 number-plate.
888 on the number-plate of a car at the lights in front of me today.
And my number-plate is 999, oddly enough
 Andras had, has, and will have a show called Radio8Ball
 (see the last You Tube above).
He also has the book Accidental Initiations out, as well.
I read the book months ago and wrote a post about the synchronicities I experienced after reading it here- 
Accidental Initiations 
and I only just mentioned him a few days ago in this sync post-
Looking For Draws In The Sync Pool to Make My Fortun(a)e?
The Sacred Kingfisher that I bought today.

The Bird that Flew into the Window

Today after seeing Skyfall
I went hunting an ATM to get some cash out and across from the ATM was a shop that sold little figurines, and right at the front of the figurines was a Sacred Kingfisher.
The shop I bought the Sacred Kingfisher from.
And here is another post I wrote involving a Sacred Kingfisher and Andras -
"I Am" Syncs
Then there was this
8 Ball sync also -

Andras Jones - Who Syncs The Matrix  
Onion Skin
Oh, and what year did Nightmare on Elm Street 4 come out?
Andras's biggest grossing movie to date.
Which is also the year I got married and started a full-time job with a certain Swedish furniture store, while on the subject of nightmares;-)

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