" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 18, 2012

When Doves Sync

I had just received my copy of The SYNC Book 2 in the mail yesterday after waiting 2 weeks for it to get to me from The States, after ordering it from Amazon.
The first chapter I read was Rob and Trish MacGregor's, which is chapter 6 in the book out of 26.
The next chapter I read was Nexus of Sync's chapter titled Sync Life, which is chapter 4.
Nexus of Sync, Foxi and I have been syncing up quite a bit lately, so that is why I chose to read that chapter after Rob and Trish's chapter in the book.
I went over to Rob and Trish's latest post where they had the above You Tube on a post titled The Energy of 12/21/12 where it talked about gun violence.
But right at the end of that post was this paragraph,
"Even our neighbors, Christian folks who are nice people, head to a shooting range on weekends with their two kids to shoot – doves.
The birds that symbolize peace.
Which struck me as rather synchronistic because Nexus of Sync gives the following example of synchronicity in the SYNC Book 2 chapter,
"... it could start while being in a conversation with a friend who is talking in passing about doves.
Alternatively, it could start with a dream of doves, a spontaneous idea about doves or a movie with a short appearance of doves.
Actually, it doesn’t matter how or where it starts.

Afterwards, many different references to doves could appear e.g. doves on the cover of a magazine being read by someone sitting in the subway, then on an ad banner at the next station, which also bares the name “Dove Street” as an intensification. 
By the accumulation of coincidences of similar type, they sink in and are perceived as significant, emotional, touching - Syncs.
And it goes on further about doves
(you’ll have to read it in the book … it gets too long to write about here)

Nexus of Sync’s conclusion -
Sync accompanies our life like an invisible adviser, who points out and guides us to what we need – which is not necessarily what we want at first sight.
Another interesting sync was that Foxi and Nexus of Sync had brought this great video that Joe Alexander  
(another author in the SYNC Book 2) had just made about 20/12 to my attention.
And guess where Joe's chapter is in the book? 
Chapter 5, right between Nexus of Sync's (4) and the MacGregor's (6) chapters.
Oh, and another personal sync for me is that in the Romeo and Juliet movie in the When Doves Cry video at the top of this post there are blue neon crosses galore.
Something I never realized until now.
(The You Tube was replaced by an audio version, since the account has was closed down ... and then it was pulled down ... so it ain't there now)

The Grey/The Grays and the Triad

... but not real ones please;-)


  1. Hey, DFaz, cool synchro! Thanks for the mention. I realized the neighbors may not have been at a shooting range, per se, but a place where doves proliferate. Or, if they were at a range, they probably were shooting clay doves, as some commenter pointed out. Will check. Either way, it was doves. & that makes it a synchro!