" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 24, 2012

It's SNOW Time

My blogging buddy King Uke has written the above Christmas song 
Snow (2012)
with Daniel Hulbert, so I thought in the spirit of Christmas I would re-post it here to give the song massive world wide exposure through my ever growing fan base of bloggers, who just can't get enough of Just Watching the Wheels Go Round ;-)
I've also re-posted his two different versions of the song KU wrote last year.
King Uke's "Freaky (Christmas?) Tree Lady".
A panel from Chris Knowles' Snow.
And here's a SNOW sync, two bloggers that I know have written something titled "Snow" and drawn spooky looking trees.
Say sNOw to Hanna!!! 
Chris Knowles wrote a script called Snow, that was obviously pinched by the big movie studios and turned into ... I have to say, a pretty good movie ... called Hanna.
Sorry to bring that one up again Chris:-(, but it's a fact the movie going public needs to be aware of ... and it's also a lesson to any budding young scriptwriters out there reading that painful post.
King Uke's "Mud Monster" from Jupiter?
Well, I won't be seeing any snow this Christmas, but I'm hoping to see Jupiter dancing with the moon.
Jupiter Dancing With The Moon ... sounds like a good idea for a song title or movie script, don't you think?  
Ah ... forget about what I just said OK?-)
Which reminds me that I should never have told John Lennon about my idea for a song title all those years ago;-)


  1. This is great Daz! The money's just rolling in now! Thank you! This reminds me of when I last made it big
    Unfortunately that one didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped. Let's see if this one goes down like the Titanic too...

  2. You should be rich in sNOw time all all.-)

  3. And thanks for reminding me about that African Development Bank Group.
    I've got to chase them up about some money they owe me.

  4. A bit of a sync for me. I have just finished writing a post: "The Snow That Is Only In The Mind And Our Imagination" for the 29th of December - and the photo to go with it is of white 'spooky' trees.

  5. Bit of a sync here for me too,because I just left a message on your blog Mike,appealing to you and your reader's to give King's song a thumbs up on his You Tube site if you like it.
    Because I feel it is a hit waiting to happen.

  6. I like the song and will put the video on my blog on the 30th of Dec.

  7. You guys! Thank you and have a great Christmas.