" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 1, 2012

Kangaroo Jack(son) Syncs

AKA Jackie Legs
Following on from these posts with my interaction with Jake Kotze's posts -
Life Begins At 40, December 21st 2012?  
Collateral Sync?
Jamie Foxx And The Sept 23 Syncs
A blogger who goes by the name of Foxi alerted me to a post on his  blog
about Samuel L Jackson and the number 64, which happens to be how old Sam will be on the 21st December 2012.
And since I was born in 1964 Foxi had my attention.
Now, his blog is written in German, but there is a translation button in the upper right-hand corner of his blog, if you don't read German ... like I don't.
Foxi in his post points out Jackson's one time obsession with   
Kangol caps and the movie Kangaroo Jack.
Now, this is weird, because when the movie was shot here in Australia, I won a competition with a prize of a signed hat by one of the stars of the movie,  Jerry O'Connell and a dancing toy Kangaroo, like the one out of the movie. 
The hat I won with Jerry O'Connell's signature on it
I watched the movie again this morning, after reading Foxi's post, and thought it was amusing that the plane the boys come to Australia in lands on runway 24 (mirror reversed 42?)
at the Sydney International Airport.
Jake's synchromystic Twitpic from the other day?
Crane Sync with Jake Kotze?
Django Unchained, starring Leo, Foxx and Jackson comes out
Jan 24th, 2013 in Australia.
And This Is 40 starring Megan Fox comes out Jan 17th, 2013 in Australia.
 Do you see any patterns developing here?
And what rating does Kangaroo Jack have on IMDB?
 And if you were to ask me the number of my house, I would have to say...
 "This is 40";-)


  1. My head is aching with this sequence. I've concluded that you are one of those rare birds Daz, who connects the dots in ways the rest of us miss for whatever reason, and that's why you are the synchro magnet. Does any of that make sense? Probably not! :)

  2. Re:
    "My head is aching with this sequence"

    These movie posts are long and detailed and mainly for the sync heads that are into Jake Kotze's movie syncs.I don't expect the average Joe to get half of these movie posts.You will either get them or you won't.As I say on the sidebar -

    " A blog journal to record my weird synchronicites and thoughts on life, and to save little puzzle pieces here in the hope that they may connect further on down the track. More for my own amusement,than for anybody else. Some things will only make sense to me personally,and some things may effect your life,too.But feel free to read,anyway".

    This was never set up to be a main-steam blog.It was only meant to serve as a kind of on line diary.If you are not familiar with Kotze's synchromystisim then most of what I write here won't make sense.

    Sorry about that...but it was meant to be for me and the Kotze followers.To anybody else I would except them to be scratching their heads and thinking,
    "what's this nut on about",too.

    I realize these posts do get out of hand for the average reader,but they were never aimed at them in the first place.
    you would probably have to do a lot of backtracking to catch up to where I'm at.
    Sorry about that.

  3. Re:
    "Sorry about that...but it was meant to be for me and the Kotze followers.

    I meant this post and others like them,not the whole blog :-)

  4. Fine!
    But first, i'm no Woman ;-)

    On our octagonal Lightswitch is a hologrpahic Sticker with two Kangaroos (since several Years). The lamp who is connected to the Switch is right about me and my Notebook, when i write my Syncposts.
    This has a deep Meaning for me.
    Thank you Briz, that i realize this after reading your Post.

  5. Re:
    But first, i'm no Woman"

    I don't know why I jumped to that conclusion.I'll try to correct any references I made in my posts to your gender. <:-(

  6. That kangaroo telephone post in front of my house was there when we moved in five years ago.It is the only telephone pole in the street with a kangaroo on it.

    I did a post about the other painted poles in my street way back in February this year;

  7. Probably the feminine Part of us leads you to this Conclusion =)

    At the Cover of the Movie "Facing the Giants" is 64 beside the 54:

  8. By the Way, i own a Kangol Cap 504 since several Years.
    I was born in 1973 and have many Syncs with Number 73, and Number 64 too.

    This might be interesting for you:
    The numerical Value of the hebrew Word Kabbalah is 137, which is equal to the combined Value of the Words Chochmah, "Wisdom," (73) and Nevuah, "Prophecy," (64).

  9. 64 is not a real big number for me,but I was born in '64 and 64 relates to the I Ching,which I'm a big fan of.This year being the
    "Year of the Dragon" with 1964 being a "Year of the Dragon" is also significant to me.
    Hence this spooky post on my viewing Rob Cohen's movie "Dragon" again earlier this year -

    He also made the movie "Stealth" starring Jamie Foxx in Sydney.
    The movie also starred Josh Lucas the star of "Red Dog".

    Which was a big sync episode in my life -

    Book and movie.