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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 21, 2012

NASA Sheds Light on Mystery Australian Lights???

" NASA has released satellite images to explain the mystery lights that showed up across Western Australia in its black marble images of the Earth at night.
While the lights of the capital cities were clearly visible in the images NASA released this month, viewers were more interested in swathes of light appearing across largely uninhabited parts of Australia.
At the time the space agency said the lights were caused by "wildfires", and the new map shows areas of burnt-out land across Australia in April that largely correlate with the visible patches.
"The extent of the lighting in the Outback and bush country is a function of composite imaging. Fires and other lights that were detected on one day were integrated into the composite, multi-day picture despite being temporary phenomena," NASA said in a statement.
And ultimately, the new images of Earth at night are ripe for new discoveries.
It's easy to say that lands are uninhabited or barren - that there's nothing out there to make light. But the satellite says there is light, so we should probably go take a look at what we have been overlooking or simply could not see before.
NASA statement
"Because different lands burned at different times that the satellite passed over, the cumulative result is the appearance of a massive blaze. But while the cities are fixed, the fires were temporary, moveable features. The night lights data set is a scientific work in progress, and the maps will be refined and improved over time."
NASA said while fires were responsible for many of the lights, it could also have been caused by other sources.
"Aside from the fires, some of the night lights appearing in uninhabited areas can be attributed to natural gas flares, lightning, oil drilling or mining operations, and fishing boats - all of which can show up as points of light," it said. "
NASA interactive sheds light on mystery WA lights
Oh yeah?! 
So, Africa which is way bigger than Australia and has much more bush to burn seems to have hardly any fires, and same seems to be true for countries like PNG above us
( a country that is just about all bush).
That lit up part on the Australian map is in the outback, an area most Australians would think was desert.
Maybe there are other real reasons for the lights that NASA doesn't want to tell you about?
That might explain the bush fires at the top of Canada as well?-)


  1. i think it's illegal torch smugglers!

  2. I didn't know that there was such a huge market for torches.

    You're on fire tonight King,just like Loren in my "COLEman SYNC" post.-)